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Amazing (kinda) VGM: Megalo Strike Back

Yes I know, I shill for Undertale way too much in Amazing VGM… and in general to I suppose, but mostly in amazing VGM I suppose. But aha, this song technically isn’t from Undertale so I can still make this one anyway. To clarify, this track is not from EarthBound either, nor is it from Halloween Hack, or LISA, or Contact, or Citizens of Earth, or Yume Nikki, or Opoona, or Off, or Boot Hill Heroes, or any other number of EarthBound clones out there. It is related to Earthbound in that it is part of the EarthBound fan album I Miss You – Earthbound 2012 that Toby Fox was involved with and it uses EarthBound’s sound font, but it has not been used in any official release as far as I know. I do hope that Toby does use it in a future project though because this is an amazing track.



If one could not guess based on the title, this track is a successor to “Megalovania” a track I have previously covered as an “Amazing VGM” and that was originally made with the Earthbound sound engine as well. However, there is a pretty stark contrast between the original arrangement of “Megalovania” and “Megalo Strike Back” when you compare them, notably in that the latter has the same type of strength and tension present in the Cognitive Dissonance and Undertale arrangements of “Megalovania”, despite still having the limitations of the Earthbound Soundfont and utilizes it to far greater extent. The way it opens up using the ominous soundbites from the Earthbound opening pre-title screen music (which was a bit of a big lipped alligator moment in and of itself except with one throwaway reference at the end) to create a similar ominous effect. The faux 8 bit intro following serves very similarly to the 8 bit portion of Earthbound’s final boss theme “Cease to Exist” (No, Giygas doesn’t count as a boss battle. Also “Cease to Exist” is a much more badass title than “Pokey Means Business.” How did it even get the latter name outside of Japan?).

This song is both dark and intense in terms of how it opens up and loops around. Even with it not being that complex of a melody, the way it is used is absurdly effective in the intimidation factor that would make for an excellent boss theme against a dark and powerful foe that you don’t want to fuck around with, so naturally, it has been used in a lot of Undertale fan animations. Hell, my first introduction, and by far my favorite use of it, has been in this fan battle against Chara.

Also, even though this isn’t an official remix, I would like to include this arrangement simply because it is badass as hell.

This arrangement may possibly be better than the original. Granted, the original has a better atmospheric edge but for pure listening value and epicity (I don’t care if that isn’t a word, it is now), it fucking owns. There is not a dull moment in this track even where there were in the originals, and the way how the notes increase in pitch in the second loop just make this so much more awe worthy. I can only hope that if “Megalo Strike Back” is ever used in an official release, that it gets an arrangement half as badass as this one. Hats off to you Tristan Gray.

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