Anime Review: Death Note

Death Note | Light and Ryuk


Death Note is one of those series that is considered required viewing for any anime fan, and because I don’t like to play by the rules I have not actually seen this series until a few months ago. Specifically I decided to give it a watch because everyone was ranting about the Amurikan version and how it was nothing like the original and thus terrible. I may or may not decide to check out that version for myself at some point and form my own opinion, because it could go either way.

The reason I say this is because Death Note… is no masterpiece. It certainly made for an intense viewing experience and had me hooked for all of the 40 plus episodes, but there is a lot of it that falls apart under close scrutiny. Death Note is meant more so to entertain rather than serve as any high art, which is contrary to what some may think given the high concept nature of its premise.

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