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Site Progress & Personal Update: April 2021

I was considering doing an April Fools joke for this month, but I’m way too worn out to do that. Anyway, another month has come and gone, and Guardian Acorn seems to have completed the transition to its new host. Things seem to have went smoothly, and I did get four new reviews up. I am glad that I’m back in the habit of posting regular updates, even if not all of them get that many views. Speaking of which, here is the recap on last months articles.

Quick Review: Akane the Kunoichi (PC)

Standard Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (PS4/XONE/Switch/PC)

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Amazing Princess Sarah (PC/360/XONE)

Quick Review: 12 is Better than 6 (PC/Switch)

So if you haven’t noticed, none of these are visual novels or hentai titles, so neither of them got many views. My next two reviews are of Beach Bounce and Nekopara Vol. 4, so those that specifically love my VN and my eroge reviews will be in luck. As for the four reviews posted, I think I’m most satisfied with the Battle for Bikini Bottom one. Collectathon platformers have a special place in my heart, and Battle for Bikini Bottom was a childhood favorite of mine. The other three reviews were fine, but they don’t really stand out as some of my favorite creations.

Anyway, I’m writing this on Trans Day of Visibility, so here I am. No, I don’t feel like posting a selfie or anything. The state of trans rights are garbage right now. Arkansas just completely banned healthcare for trans kids, and a bunch of other states are likely to follow. So many of us are at the complete mercy of people who either hate us, or don’t give a fuck about us. And this shit wears us down on a constant basis, and so many of you entitled jackasses have the nerve to act like we aren’t justified in our anger.

Every time I criticize transphobia in my work, there’s always at least one asshole who gets offended that I didn’t pander to their shallow worldview. Well let me just say this; if you are offended by me criticizing transphobia; good. I do not seek to entertain people who want me dead, or those who are willing to let me die while the people who want me dead kill me.

To be quite honest, I’m exhausted. And yes, progress is being made. We are in a much better spot than we were ten years go. However, Malcom X’s “knife in the back” quote certainly comes to mind. I’ve run out of ways to say that transphobia is bad, and I feel the life being sucked out of me as I try to say anything more. This shit should be obvious, but so much of the population are just enormous pieces of shit. And I know fully well this won’t change anyone’s mind, because nothing will.

On another note, I am getting hit with executive dysfunction again. Lucky me! I’ve been trying to get out a review on a once a week basis, but at least once a month, I suddenly lose all motivation or drive. I’m struggling to even finish the rest of this update piece right now, and am only forcing myself so I don’t take even longer to complete this.

I guess this means I should just move on to patron shout outs and finish this up. Special thanks to Krista, Brittany Eakin, IceTheRetroKid, blue desolation, Jimbolance, Sam, Rin Marina, Dia, Kelly Gallagher, D Inacio and Wendy Gowak! Your support is what keeps this site going, as I have already said and will continue to say from this point onward. If you would like to support me or my work as well, my Patreon can be found here.

Anyway, hopefully executive dysfunction and sensory overload wear off soon and I can continue to post content. See you all in the near future!

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