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Site Progress & Personal Update: August 2020

One may have noticed that, once again, there was not a Site Update for the previous month. While I prefer to keep making these pieces so I can keep a record of what is happening each month just so I can look back on it in the future, I have decided that I’m not going to force myself to create one when I’m in the middle of a bad depression streak, which I was at the beginning of last month. So anyway, let’s recap the last two months.

June 2020

The Weekly Bern (6/5/2020): June 9th Elections

Bravely Default (3DS): Many Will Play, Few Will Finish (Detailed Review)

The Weekly Bern (6/14/2020): Paula Jean Swearengin Wins Primary, Charles Booker & Jamaal Bowman Surging.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation (NES/SNES/GBC/Ios/3DS/PS4/Switch): A JRPG Legend

The Weekly Bern (6/26/2020): Bowman & Jones Win Primary, Booker Leading McGrath, Can Romanoff Win too?

July 2020

The Weekly Bern (7/4/2020): Kentucky & Colorado Senate Defeats, Let’s Hope New Jersey is Different.

Poem #127: I See Nothing

Standard Review: Duck Season (PC)

Poem #128: The Burning

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES): Shoots for the Moon, Lands Among the Stars (Detailed Review)

Amazing VGM: 言い返す のよ(Talk Back) (Cosmic Star Heroine)

Standard Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (PS3/360/Wii/PC/IOS/Android/OUYA)

The Progressive Update (7/28/2020): New Jersey & Texas Recap, August 4th & 6th Primaries

So, a lot of shit happened during the past few months. I don’t even want to go into the personal shit, like how the person I was trying to help flee an abusive home told me she hopes I get raped and that I only tried to help her out of a “savior complex.” I genuinely wanted to do what I can to get her to a safe environment, I spent months trying to help her and hundreds of dollars of my own money (that I get very little of), so it’s naturally devastating to do all that and be treated as if I’m some sort of terrible person.

I wanted to help her, but given the type of depression I suffer from, my mental health could not take it, so I cut off ties with her. I don’t even know if she’s still alive right now. I am hopeful that she finds a safe place to live and is able to work through her abusive tendencies, because otherwise she will just continue to drive everyone who ever supports her away, and she’ll continue to be alone.

It’s just one of those things that disgusts me about the world we live in. I did everything I could short of selling my kidney, and a bunch of my mutuals managed to raise $800 for her, but it still wasn’t enough to keep her off the street or give her piece of mind. Yet  there are tons of rich people that could afford to solve all her problems in an instant without any significant changes to their life. We have hundreds of thousands of people in these positions who need to claw and fight their way to sanity, and so much of this world doesn’t even know they exist.

And moments like these make me wonder if I’m truly different. I said that I didn’t want to talk about this precisely because thinking about it hurts. Because part of me fears she was right. That the only reason I try to help others is because of the recognition and praise. That I can blame billionaires all I want, but it won’t make a difference because I’m just not capable of doing enough on my own, so that nothing really matters.

And of course I’ll be okay no matter what happens. My parents will have a home and will provide for me while most of the country faces mass evictions,an economic meltdown worse than the great depression, and a pandemic. In other words, the world is going to hell and there ain’t shit I can do about it. I suppose that has been a running theme the past few years.

In some lighter news, I am now announcing a partnership with another site for the first time in this blog’s life cycle. Thus far, I have one partner, although I may add more for other sites I would like to promote. The site in question is, a site that specializes in reviews and coverage of visual novels, and is attempting to create a German speaking visual novel community. Of course their content can also be read in English, for those of us like me who only speak Amurican. I am greatly looking forward to my partnership with this site, and any other sites I decide to partner with as well (I already have a few in mind).

I suppose I should talk about where I am content wise. Political pieces are currently tentative. I’m easily susceptible to burnout when it comes to political pieces, especially when they involve lengthy content like the last Progressive Update. The plan is currently tentative, but I plan to use my current format for upcoming elections, and do one last Pink Tsunami piece for the General Election in California. There might be other stuff, but again, it depends on how much drive I have in me.

As for game reviews, I will most likely be spending more time on them after the election is over given there are less elections and such. For now, I’m hoping I can just keep creating content consistently. I am currently in the process of writing my review for MOTHER 3, and there will also be reviews for Rance 5D: The Lonely Girl, Secret Little Haven, and Super Win the Game, and potentially Ys I & II Chronicles, as well as a new Impressions & Commentary. I have also finally started writing the fourth chapter of A Goddess’s Will, and I hope to make sure I can finish the story in the near future.

As you all can see, Guardian Acorn still has quite a bit of fight left in her, and she doesn’t plan to let a pandemic, civil unrest, and the potential apocalypse step her from growing into a massive forest.

Anyway, it’s time for patron shout outs. Special thanks to my Patrons Krysta Hunt, Brittany Eakin, Sam Dermody, IceTheRetroKid, bluedesolation, Dia, and Rinnie S. I love and appreciate you all so much, and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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