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A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Four – Freaks in Bed (Erotica)

Note: This story is a work of erotica that is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18 or their respective country’s legal age.

Alissa laid softly in the arms of her lover. She had not left Andrea’s home in over a month since she moved in with her, having decided to take Andrea up on her offer to have her spoil and protect her forever. She did not want to be a drain on her, but if the option to live in peace without fear was available then she would no doubt take it. She had lived a life wrought with abuse and tragedy, and she only wanted to hide away from it all. She finally found a place where she never felt at risk of harm; her lover’s arms.

She has then formed a symbiotic relationship with Andrea. Alissa was more than willing to strip away all her agency for Andrea. To be coddled and doted on like a child and to be nothing more than a precious object of affection. She wanted all the pain and grief to disappear, and Andrea would protect her from it. Andrea in turn felt good about herself, and she felt very happy whenever she felt Alissa’s love.

“You could not possibly know how much this means to me, Andrea,” Alissa stated as Andrea styled Alissa’s hair while holding her on her lap. “How much it means that you are able to effectively carry me forward when I have long lost the ability to push forward myself. I must be such a burden on you, yet you still care for me like I’m royalty. I don’t know what to say,” Alissa said as she felt a tear in her eye form.

Andrea put down the equipment, held Alissa even closer, and started talking. “It makes me sad that you have been so mistreated as to cry tears of happiness when someone finally treats you with love and care. But I’m also glad that I can help you feel this way, and I promise I’ll always protect you.” After she holds Alissa for a bit, she continues to work on her hair.

“Why are you so kind, Andrea?” Alissa asks, still unsure if this was real and if there was a catch.

Andrea replies, “there are a lot of reasons why, but I guess it’s because this world has a serious absence of kindness.” Her expression turned dour, she once again paused on Alissa’s hair. “The state of this world has devolved more and more over the past couple of decades or so. This world is now ravaged with disease and war, and any sign of society has collapsed beyond our own sectors. I heard about people like you from my sister. How trans people were on the verge of recognition before the great collapse, then the End War happened.” She nervously tightens her hold on Alissa, as if she will disappear forever if she let’s go. “Things have gotten so bad that I don’t see how this world will ever recover. I want to remain hopeful, and cling to any hope that we can turn this world around, even if I have to turn it myself.”

Alissa’s expression grew anxious as she clung to Andrea, the only source of love she ever knew. “I think it’s too late to return to the way things were before we were born. Even if we could change things, I don’t think we are powerful enough to do so on our own, and any hope of a unified movement is gone now. As a man, I’m too weak to fight back. As a woman, I look intimidating and horrifying. I’m viewed as a freak and an outcast wherever I go, and I still can’t shake the fear that you feel the same.”

Andrea ran her hands through Alissa’s hair before kissing her on the lips. “You aren’t as different from me as you think.” She reached down Alissa’s back until she reached her ass. A smile formed on Andrea’s face as she slid her finger between her butt cheeks. “Alissa, you are a freak, and so am I! We’re both freaks in a world where being normal equates to hatred and selfishness. Andrea tears off Alissa’s dress and panties in an instant, leaving both of them in tatters as Alissa’s lower half is exposed. “And we’re freaks in the bedroom to!”

“Andrea, that was my last dress! I have nothing else to wear now!” She said flustered while hiding her crotch with her hands.

“Oh dear, it looks like you’ll have to walk around the house naked then, or wear one of the several fetish outfits I prepared for you!” Andrea said with a perverted grin on her face while Alissa’s turned bright red.

“I can’t believe you! You’re such a pervert” Yelled Alissa while she stood there naked and embarrassed.

“Says the girl whose already hard” replied Andrea while she pointed at Alissa’s erect girldick. Alissa swiftly covered up her genitals while spouting off a storm of flustered gibberish.

“Oh, don’t pretend you don’t love the thought of showing off to your girlfriend,” Andrea said smugly, “it’s not like you have anything to hide.”

“You have a point, but don’t you want to finish my hair first?” Alissa asked in a newly hushed tone.

“Nah,” Andrea responds, before she placed her nipple into Alissa’s mouth. In the month that the two have lived together, Andrea has learned a number of things about Alissa, one of which was that she had a breastfeeding fetish. Alissa fell silent and began to suckle on her lover’s tit, much like a baby to her mother. Andrea held her softly and comfortably, caring for her and ensuring her comfort. “It’s okay cutie pie, no one is here to hurt you or judge you anymore. And I can assure you that this isn’t a dream. I won’t go away, and I won’t hurt you. That’s because I love you, and I always will.”

Tears started running down both of their cheeks during this tender embrace. Two traumatized souls bonding over their shared trauma and loneliness. It’s quite touching, even for an Immortal Goddesses who has lived thousands of years such as myself. It almost feels wrong to intrude on this beautiful union, but alas, it is what a Goddess wills.

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