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The Weekly Bern (6/26/2020): Bowman & Jones Win Primary, Booker Leading McGrath, Can Romanoff Win too?

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly Bern and NO MORE ELIOT ENGEL, FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! So yeah, you’ve probably heard by now about the enormous victories in the New York Primary. Not only did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win re-election in a landslide against her Wall Street pandering opponent, which will undoubtedly lead to a lot of conservative tears when they find out that AOC survived re-election and President Pussygrabber didn’t… she won in a landslide! This of course came as no surprise to anyone except for the aforementioned right wing goons and detached Wall Street oligarchs, but it feels so good to give those fuckers a taste of their own medicine.

And then of course, Jamaal Bowman beat incumbent Eliot Engel in a 20 point landslide, in addition to Mondaire Jones winning his primary and preventing a billionaire’s son from spending his way into congress, and Dana Balter and Jackie Gordon winning their primaries.. This is not even going into the victories at the state and local level, or that Suraj Patel lost by less than 700 Votes to incumbent Carolyn Maloney and could still win if the absentee ballots favor him.

Justice Democrats are now 3.5 – 2 with the Democratic establishment (Georgette Gomez advancing to the general in California counts as half a point because she made it past the first round, but still has to beat a corporate Democrat that is out polling and out funding her), and that puts us in a pretty comfortable lead. Of course there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made, but when we think of where we were three months ago, we can gladly see that the progressive movement is back on its feet.

And then there is that Kentucky Senate race that has Charles Booker leading Amy McGrath by over 3.5%. Among other things, Charles Booker winning would perfectly demonstrate just how powerful Bernie Sanders and AOC endorsements can be. While Booker did in fact receive a fuck ton of other endorsements, I do think it is safe to say that Bernie and AOC ended up introducing him to a lot of people who hadn’t even heard of him prior to the last few weeks. And hopefully, it would provide further incentive for them to endorse more progressives.

What I can’t help but wonder is how many progressive challengers Bernie and AOC are even aware of, and whether or not they didn’t know Charles Booker existed prior to the last few weeks, if they were worried about their win percentage, or if political pressure played a role? I would imagine that they would be limited in how many progressive campaigns they know about, and that they also wouldn’t be likely to endorse a no name Green Party candidate with a campaign budget of six cents and some pocket lint, but I still can’t help but wonder how much they know?

As I have gone over before, we have a fuckton of progressives running this year, there are so many that even before we fully know the results of the Kentucky Senate race, we have the Colorado primary to consider as well. The dynamic is the same one we’ve seen a number of times before; an unapologetic progressive who is refusing corporate PAC money and running on Single Payer Health Insurance and a Green New Deal, in the form of Andrew Romanoff, taking on a corporate goofball who has high name recognition and establishment support, but almost no substance.

Some of you outside of Colorado may have heard of John Hickenlooper during the Presidential Primaries where he made a complete fool of himself by trying to argue about how healthcare and a Green New Deal are socialism and comparing Bernie Sanders to Stalin, until he dropped out because no one took him seriously and he was completely delusional to think he ever had a chance.

When John Hickenlooper isn’t drinking fracking fluid or watching X-rated movies with his mom, he’s generally shilling for Republicans and insisting that we “compromise” with Republicans, which in corporate Democrat speak means work together with them to screw over regular people who aren’t billionaires or oligarchs. I could go further into detail about his record, but I want at least SOME free time to myself.

Unfortunately, it seems like Frackenlooper has the advantage here given he has significantly more name recognition and funds than Romanoff, and it’s probably safe to assume that Bernie or AOC won’t step in and endorse him with only 3 days left. But there are a few signs of hope for Romanoff, the first being that he has significantly more funds to run ads with than most progressive Senate candidates. And he has also received the endorsements of progressive Latino groups earlier this week. Lastly, there is the fact that Colorado was one of the few states that went for Bernie during 2020’s disastrous Super Tuesday, so we know that there is at least a strong progressive base.

Either way, it’s time to kick it into high gear folks. Make sure you all not only vote, but tell anyone else you know that there is a better option than Hickenlooper. At worst, he will be in a strong position for a potential primary challenge to Michael Bennett if he loses. On a similar note, be sure to get your votes in for Jamie Cheek (Utah’s 1st Congressional District) and Tom Guild (Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District).

Andrew RomanoffDonation Link
Jamie Cheek – Donation Link
Tom GuildDonation Link

Progressives have had a pretty strong winning streak these past few weeks. Let’s hope we can keep it up!

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