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Rant: On Natalie Wynn’s “Cancellation”

Note: The first part of this piece was originally written as a Facebook post that I decided to delete at the last second because I thought it may as well be a rant piece. If you think I’m being too harsh on Natalie, I ask that you read this piece in its entirety before jumping to full conclusions.

CW: Transphobia

I’ve often defended Contrapoints in the past, but shit like this is getting hard to defend. I will go through this bit by bit.

“But my experience is very different. I’m not a vanguard zoomer tran. I sometimes feel like the last of the old-school transsexuals”

Ah yes, the old “I’m not like those other trans girls, I’M SO DIFFERENT!!!” Not a good sign. Not to mention how she’s acting like she’s a generation behind when she’s fucking 30!! My current GF is 35 yet you don’t see her spouting truscummy bullshit like “I’m the last old school transsexual.” I’ve also known more than one trans person in their 50s who don’t go around spouting off shit of a generational divide.

Gee Natalie, have you ever considered that maybe it’s just you that’s different? That maybe you think this way because you decide to double down on any criticism you receive and consider the affections of your enemies more important than the scorn of your allies?

“But things are changing fast. Trans people have much more cultural visibility now, and the younger generation wants the whole institution of gender to change to better accommodate them.”

Oh dear Goddess, she’s really pulling the “you just need to wait until you get accepted as human beings” shtick. This is Boogie1488 tier centrism, folks.

“There also seems to be a major shift in our understanding of what a trans person even is. The traditional figure I always heard was that trans people are around 0.3% of the population. But now you go into these leftist Discord/Facebook groups, and like 20-30% identify as some flavor of trans. Most of them are not conventional binary transsexuals. That seems to be the future.”

She really just quotedthe debunked 0.3% statistic..Way to play into conservative hands. Also no shit that you see more trans people in trans themed Discord groups. She somehow manages to make contradictory statements and be wrong about both of them.

“But I also understand why a lot of trans people who just want to blend in are frustrated with the new visibility, and with the radicals. I’m feeling fearful myself about the future of trans acceptance, and I understand the desire to be invisible, tolerated, safe. I wish it were easier to talk about our different experiences and needs. The backlash has turned us all against each other, as we fight over little scraps of empathy from cis society.”

Is that what you really think about us Natalie? Do you think that the people fighting for our rights are “radicals?” Wanting to be accepted for who you are and to be able to live a normal life is not “radical.” have you ever considered that maybe non binary people have such a strong desire for change because the nature of their identity doesn’t allow them to simply blend in?

Natalie, as the old saying goes, you need to check your privilege. This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard in quite some time, and the most depressing part is that she isn’t trying to throw shade at haters or anything, she just doesn’t understand why she’s getting as much backlash as she does and is afraid of her fans turning on her in much the same way that cishet men are afraid of getting “me-tooed.” Both of them have so little understanding of what they are doing wrong and both have no desire to change that behavior regardless of how much it hurts others.

The real reason there’s so much backlash against Natalie is because of the dismissive way she has addressed criticism in the past by treating herself as the victim, when she doesn’t realize that maybe everything she says is put under a gigantic microscope because of her platform. She doesn’t want to be an activist and doesn’t understand why activists don’t like her. Yet she doesn’t realize that she’s blessed to have such a large platform and that many activists would kill to have that level of reach, and that it becomes frustrating when someone who has it decides to squander it on empty calls for civility and empathy like a mediocre politician.

But of course, what many of us fail to realize is that she didn’t just magically gain her large audience by chance. She got it by focusing her efforts on trying to educate cishet people rather than on people like herself. It’s the same reason why Martin Luther King is so much more well known and remembered by white people than Malcom X, and that by our nature, those of us that care about our own more than what cis people think will always be less popular because we don’t want to tell cis people what they want to hear.

Regardless, I will always prioritize my fellow people over that of cishet approval. Both because it’s the right thing to do, and because I know first hand that there is a steep price for abandoning your friends in an attempt to reason with your enemies.

Update: So Natalie has deleted her Twitter and this lead to a total shit storm. You have to love it when people treat someone leaving social media like they killed themselves. It was literally the subject of a South Park parody for fucks sake!!! And yet we have all the same people who say that when women get death threats that they can just turn off the computer, are acting like “SJWs” have done something horrible by criticizing Natalie.

To make things clear, Natalie was not “canceled,” she was criticized and took it too personally. Contrary to the beliefs of fuckboys everywhere, leftists aren’t a mob that seek to shut down anyone whose beliefs are to the right of Marx. We only decide to “cancel” someone when it is clear they don’t give a shit about what we say. When to them, we are just angry triggered harpies who want to be offended. When they decide erase any of our genuine struggles and victimize themselves when someone dares to say they are wrong.

And I think it is time for the obligatory “I’ve experienced this first hand” anecdote. I was never even close to as popular as Natalie is, but I did have a reasonable following when I still had a Twitter account, and I still do now. There was a time where I used fear the left and that It would cannibalize me for even the smallest dissent. This was largely because I have a history of being abused and was conditioned to have an intense fear of abandonment.

A lot of us tend to operate on the “if you’ve done nothing wrong then you should have nothing to fear” principal without realizing it, and many of us fail to realize that a lot of people DO have something to fear because they don’t know if they’ve done something wrong. Someone like Natalie Wynn was not a progressive SJW until fairly recently, and she expresses a lot of fear of being different from others.

I think the problem with Natalie’s tweet thread, aside from the stuff I was ranting about earlier, is that the divide between Natalie and leftists isn’t about generations and age, but is rather about culture. I’m an ex shitlord myself, and I can safely say that this stuff doesn’t just go away instantly. The difference is that I’m firmly in the “I want nothing to do with that culture anymore” and there are very few of the people I was friends with back then that I’m still friends with. I’ve moved on.

Also I don’t fear the differences between me and other leftists. If I’m going to be honest, I don’t fully understand how being non binary works compared to being a binary trans person, nor do I fully understand a lot of the other stuff. I also don’t care. Even if they are faking this all and it’s just a fad, they have every right to embrace them without thousands of fuckboys saying they can’t.

It’s not as if I don’t encounter a person who will try to cancel me over something absurd like my taste in games, but I tend to get in fights with liberals and centrists far more than leftists. The point is that “cancel culture” is not a problem here. Every previous time Natalie was criticized, she’d write a long tweet thread defending herself about why her words are being “misinterpreted” or “misconstrued” because she thinks she’s right, and that everyone would agree with her if she just said them the right way.

As I said, I used to be like Natalie is now. I basically just doubled down on criticism and saw myself as the victim when I was criticized, and I did that until I lost an important person to me. I became so hurt and grief stricken that I re-evaluated my entire world view, and realized that it didn’t happen because of a mob of jaded individuals who are waiting to strike… it happened because I dismissed their criticism. I ignored the fact that my actions hurt them, and I subconsciously believed that they should agree with me or that they were too far gone.

Notice how just about every one of these people are part of the anti SJW reactionary crowd. Notice how the people who are the most offended at Natalie’s “cancellation” are the ones who never gave a fuck about leftists or trans people to begin with? We have Chris Ray Gun who baselessly accused a trans activist of sending unsolicited dick pics, we have Armoured Skeptic who has fear mongered about a Canadian bill to prevent legal discrimination against trans people, and even infamous TERF Jesse Singal has chimed in to defend Natalie from the evil leftist mob!

Notice how you don’t see Hbomberguy, Philosophytube, and Lindsey Ellis whinging about how Natalie did nothing wrong, only right wingers, misogynists, and TERFs. It’s because the former realize that Natalie actually did something to warrant criticism. If I am to give Natalie credit for one thing, it’s that she hasn’t made any public statements adding to this narrative. Deleting one’s Twitter account isn’t a bad thing given all the toxicity present on that site.

In any case, we are going to see one of two things from Natalie. I doubt that she’s going to start ranting about the left and SJW fear mongering in her newest videos, but either she will grow as a person and learn to understand us better, or she will wall herself off from leftists until she becomes widely discredited. I’m hoping it’s the former, but the way things are going now the latter is just as likely. I just hope I never have to write “Natalie Wynn: An Intervention.”

Another Update: Natalie has now returned to Twitter with a genuinely well reasoned apology.  I am personally glad to see this and am relieved that she made the right decision.

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