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(Closed) Guardian Acorn July 2017 Givaway: Highschool Romance

Update: It’s over now, you were too late, although you can still claim the Lethal League code if you want.

Update: It now only costs $1.00 for a chance to win. Additionally, both of my two current patrons have declined my code for Lethal League, so I’m giving it to the first person who asks. My review can be read here.

For those who may have glossed over it in my Patreon rewards section, I am giving away a free Steam code each month to a select Patron of mine who has pledged $3.00 or more. I figure that it is hard to beat the allure of giving away free shit, you know, the Bernie Sanders method… (I’m joking, I actually voted for Bernie). So the first code being given away is for Highschool Romance, a fairly entertaining “Male MC gets put into an all girls school and needs to crossdress, which leads to pseudo lesbian antics” visual novel. Although it’s not an eroge so don’t get your hopes up there.

The reason I’m choosing this specific game is partially because I plan on getting Indiegala’s Dharker Studio 2 Bundle (which is now closed), and I will have a spare code. I should note that this bundle will be counted as a site expense that I will use some pledges towards. Before anyone assumes this is a misuse of donations, I’d like to clarify that I already own most games in that bundle. The only ones I don’t own are Beauty Bounce, Bunny Bounce, and Magi Trials. Additionally, Highschool Romance is the only game in the bundle that I have played and I prefer to keep the givaways related to my content.

That being said, our June 2017th code is an exception. Didn’t expect there would be one for June did ya? Well I didn’t say much about this one because A: I really do not care about the game I’m giving away, and B: I’m not entirely sure if the code will work because it may have expired. Anyway, the code is for Lethal League, and the winner, determined by a coin flip, is Ryumoau. Anyway, please PM me when you would like to get the code. If you aren’t interested in it then… hell if I know what to do with it.

So anyway, if you want this Highschool Romance code, then please pledge $1.00 to my Patreon. Also, the results aren’t chosen until I receive that month’s payment. Don’t think you can pull a fast one on me by withdrawing your payment at the last second.

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