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The Weekly Bern (3/19/2020): The Debate, Super Tuesday Part 3, Marie Newman.

So part three of Super Tuesday is up and it is a downer ending as well. We just made it through the worst trilogy since the Zelda CDI games, and we better pray that the next primary is not our Hotel Mario! Silly game related in-jokes aside, it’s easy to assume that we are fucked and that Biden has already won. While I try the best to be as optimistic as possible in even the worst of times, even I am starting to get concerned. Well I was already concerned, but now I’m even more concerned then when I was already concerned.

Biden’s delegate lead has now grown even larger since Bernie did not manage a come from behind victory in the final states in the Super Tuesday trilogy, not counting Ohio whose primaries are postponed to who knows when. Bernie has now stated that he is going to reassess his campaign, and thankfully that does not mean he has dropped out.

In the past few installments of this series, I made some remarks about how we as supporters need to pick up the pace and do what we can for him. I think at this point, we have done what we can, but there’s something that Bernie himself still hasn’t done. I’m pretty sure each of you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever complained about how Bernie keeps calling Biden “his friend.”

Hopefully when Bernie says he is reassessing his campaign, he makes the right decision as opposed to doing something stupid like groveling for an Elizabeth Warren endorsement. Even if Warren endorses Bernie, it won’t get covered by the media the same way Biden’s endorsements are. We just had Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson endorse Bernie and it did jack shit! Biden isn’t winning because of endorsements, he’s winning because of a combination of media narrative and voter suppression!

What Bernie needs to do is take off the gloves and go all out on Biden. Biden’s base does not care about his record, nor do they care about who has the better policies. They only care about who is going to beat Trump, and the media is telling them that Biden has a better chance cause he’s in the lead. What Bernie needs to do is expose Biden for how weak of a candidate he is, and he needs to stop treating him with kid gloves.

And the good news is, we saw a glimpse of that in the last debate. Bernie scorched Biden on his record and exposed him as liar, and it had an effect. Bernie went up slightly before the primary, but not enough to get his momentum back.


If Bernie decides to go full scorched earth and unleashes hell on both Biden and the Democratic establishment, he may very well win back the crowd on this. We have already seen before that the establishment has its limits. We saw how Bernie swept Nevada, and they could not do shit to stop it. There’s a good chance that the actual voting results would be significantly closer if it were not for all the voter suppression and electioneering going on. For Bernie to win this, he has to win by such a large margin that even the establishment can’t stop him, and we know that they don’t control everything. It’s not fair in the least, but if anyone can manage this, it’s Bernie.

The biggest concern at this time seems to be whether or not Bernie will… to put this in dorky anime nerd terms, stop concealing his power level and go full ultra instinct. The guys has been in Washington DC for decades and likely needs to undo a lot of shit that he’s been conditioned to believe in order to function in that corrupt shithole. Everything we saw now is Bernie playing shit like a normal politician. He sticks to the script and the talking points, and never gets too aggressive. It is entirely possible that he was just playing it safe until now, and that he may decide it’s time to stop fucking around now.

We can already see that he’s getting fed up given by his recent exchange with a reporter. While we are all used to politicians being out of touch scumbags that will talk a big game but fall in line, Bernie seems to be self aware enough to realize that his reputation as a revolutionary will be shattered if he drops out and endorses Biden just like what he did with Hillary in 2016. And what we are going to see in the coming months is if everything he said was all talk, or if he really is going to risk his career by going full kamikaze and taking the DNC down with them. For the rest of us, the best we can do is keep doing what we are doing and hope he makes the right choice. We’re about to find out if Bernie is a real revolutionary or not.

Also Marie Newman won. Yay, no more Dan Lipinski, Justice Democrats 1-1, how bout that?!

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