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Amazing VGM: 28 (Rosenkreuzstilette)

This just in, this blog talks about games and not just politics! Yeah, last three posts have been political, not counting a review I deleted due to… reasons I don’t want to go into. I figure I’ve been overdue on another Amazing VGM entry as well. So picking a game at random we have… well, just look at the title. No, not every track in the game is a number, it’s just a title scheme for tracks created by artist AM3 for the game. AM3 is not very good at coming up with song titles.

But what AM3 IS very good at is creating amazing compositions for this game if this track and the previous one I covered are any indication. I really have to hand it to everyone who worked on the music for this game (and on this game in general) for how well they captured the spirit of the Mega Man series without doing something gimmicky like making all the songs 8-bit chiptune. Hell they handled it better than Mega Man 8 and it’s boring ass soundtrack did. That reminds me, I need to get around to playing Mega Man 11… and 9 & 10… and also Rosenkreutstilette Freudenstachel.

What this stage and this music most reminds me of is Dive Man’s stage from Mega Man 4, and chances are that was intentional.  Hell I just noticed now that both of these tracks have a similar beat to them, but 28 sounds just unique enough that it is easy for this fact to slip by most ears. I’d also argue that 28 is a better track overall given that in addition to it’s upbeat nature, there is also a strength to this track that one just can’t match on 8-bit hardware… well unless you’re Tim Follin at least.

Similarly to that of Luste’s stage theme, it’s hard for me to really come up with much to say about Traure’s theme aside from pointing out the subtle fact that it kicks serious fucking ass! I do notice that this involves less of he baroque era instruments and is more so pure kick ass rock, yet somehow it does not feel even remotely out of place in this game.

Well anyway, that concludes this addition of Amazing VGM. Hopefully I can get back to doing these weekly some time soon.

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