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Amazing VGM: 26 (Rosenkreuzstilette)

It’s about time I covered a VGM from Rosenkreuzstilette, the soundtrack to this game somehow manages to be better than the Mega Man games themselves. It really takes a lot to accomplish that. There was such an intense amount of effort put into this game’s soundtrack that I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just cut to the chase. Today’s VGM is “26,” the theme for Luste’s Stage.

I would often describe Rosenkreuzstilette’s music as a cross between Mega Man X and Castlevania’s ost. It is not often that you see a track that makes the organ sound upbeat and cheerful. Both the playful nature of Luste’s personality and the feeling of being high up in the sky plowing through this stage is captured beautifully by the addicting yet also elegant sound of this track.

It is a tricky job to combine modern rock instruments and synth with baroque era instruments in a way that fits the setting, but you are listening to the results. The use of the synth and organs go together so wonderfully in order to create a seriously addicting track.

I am admittedly finding it rather difficult to talk about this track beyond going “it’s awesome” but I do feel that it really captures the spirit of Rosenkreutzstilette. It’s simultaneously fun, badass, and even kinda cute in some ways, just like the game itself. This was also one of the first stages I tried out so it’s effectively what I think of when I hear Rosenkreuzstilette. It is powerful and energetic all the way through and is just one of many great tracks from this game.

That reminds me, I still need to play Freudenstachel. It is one of many games present in my backlog, and given that Rosenkreuzstilette is on of the first games I review on this blog (technically on Brash Games but you get the idea) so it’s only inevitable that I review it at some point. Anyway see you all next week.

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