LISA: The Joyful | Big Lincoln Sends you to Hell

Amazing VGM: All American Badass (LISA: The Joyful)

As great as the soundtrack to LISA: The Painful was, its DLC episode LISA: The Joyful fucking OWNS it! My favorite boss theme from The Joyful is the final boss theme Brokentooth March, but the subject of this article is a pretty close second. The title is kinda weird since America doesn’t exist in Olathe but I suppose “All Olathian Badass” just doesn’t have the same flair to it.

This track lives up to its name in being absolutely badass! Big Lincoln is built up like nuts over the course of the game and is said to be the strongest and most feared force in the land. Of course it isn’t like Buddy is any different. She’s simply trying to kill each of the most revered warlords to put herself at the top of the food chain. She’s not all that different from Big Lincoln in actuality, which means that when the two of them clash then you’d best duck the fuck down and cover!

This track is pretty much all harsh and dissonant sounds with little harmony, meant to represent the harsh struggle between two freaks of nature. That guitar riff is beyond addicting though and that synth only serves to boost the intensity of the track. I have no idea what the hell that chanting is supposed to mean or what they are saying but it’s badass nonetheless.

In fact, the word “badass” is probably the best way to sum up this track. I always like how unique the music of the LISA series is compared to most RPGs. I have described it as “the most Ghetto RPG soundtrack of all time” precisely it abandons all that cheesy shit in most RPGs and is instead used to reflect cold hard reality. Not that I don’t like those other RPG soundtracks but it’s certainly interesting to see something different.

Well that is it for this weeks VGM. See you next week with something even bigger… colossal even.

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