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Amazing VGM: Spider Dance (Undertale)

Well it’s that time of the year everyone… no not that one. I mean the other that time of the year! Either way, my Amazing VGMs are all going to be Halloween themed for this month to fit the theme. I figure I’ll start with an Undertale track this week since I just put my review of it up and because I’m likely not going to be in the mood to cover this particular track for a while afterwards.

Undertale is one of those games that just felt the need to give last mini boss their own music and I swear I’m likely going to have an amazing VGM entry for all of them at one point… or every song on the OST for that matter. Muffet was only included in the game as a backer reward so she basically had little relevance to the plot aside from being a boss fight that stands in your way. Even the mechanics used in her fight are not used elsewhere in the game.

Her battle theme is probably among the more chiptune-ish battle themes in the game. The beginning starts out sounding like what you would actually hear in an NES game; a strong and catchy melody that lacks harmony. It is good enough on its own but what really makes this track is the high point. That bit of harmony once the violins come in gives off an amazing resolve and is what really sets this track on fire.

In that part of the track, the melody manages to even catchier than the beginning of the track while still sounding simply amazing. It makes the best possible use of both retro chiptune and modern instrumentation and is a perfect representation of why I dig Undertale’s OST so much! While I do think that there are a lot of better battle themes in Undertale that I haven’t covered yet such as “Heartache,” “Death By Glamor,” “ASGORE,” and “Hopes and Dreams,” I would consider that more of a testament to the soundtrack overall; the fact that a song this good is not even in the top 5!

Well that has been this week’s VGM, see you next week for more Halloweeny shit!

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