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Site Progress and Personal Update: November 2018

It’s funny how I remember that there was a point in time where these months were just going by so fast yet it now feels like an eternity has passed through each update. I have not been in the best place emotionally as of late. I really don’t want to talk about my failed relationship anymore because it feels wrong to publicize it any further, but I just haven’t been the same since then.

I should be happy right now with so many supportive fans and all the progress I made, but I’m not. Believe it or not, I’ve been trying my hardest to suppress my grief over this failed relationship of mine. It’s always been easier for me to cope with grief when I can just let it out publicly, but I have come to regret making some things regarding her public. I guess that’s just the key difference between us; she never wanted to be brought into this. That’s why I’m not mentioning her by name anymore.

As if that wasn’t enough, being with Twitter for a week made me realize just how dependent on it I truly am. In the period since the breakup, I have since played LISA: The Painful, The Beginner’s Guide, Persona 3, and Saya no Uta. All four of these games have major themes in moving on from past trauma, dependency, and coping with one’s disastrous and alienating fuckups. Due to a conversation I had with some close friends of mine, I have decided to pursue Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s quite clear I need some kinda of treatment, and seeing my step brother as concerned about me as he was made me finally understand it for certain that I need this. Besides, I need this in order to stop all this painful depression. Anyway here is the article recap for last month.

The Stanley Parable (PC): A Postmodern Oddity (Detailed Review)

Poem #73: Walk on Water

Poem #74: Pain

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Insincere

Poem #75: The Light

Poem #76: Enslavement

Poem #77: Ambition

Amazing VGM: Spider Dance (Undertale)

Poem #78: Aftertaste

Steam Greenlight Landfill: The Graveyard

Poem #80: The Void

Standard Review: Ghosts ‘n Goblins (Arcade/C64/ZX/NES/Amiga/GBC/WS/GBA/PC/IOS/Android)

Poem #81: Fairy Tale Within

Poem #82: Hatred Tolls

Poem #83: I Fall

Pony Island (PC): It’s Not About Ponies; But it May as Well be (Detailed Review)

Amazing VGM: All American Badass (LISA: The Joyful)

Poem #84: Hurt

Poem #85: Blind Ideals

Poem #86: Isolated Nightmares

Saya no Uta (PC): Between Two Worlds (Detailed Review) (NSFW)

Poem #87: Emptiness Inside

Poem #88: Underneath the Rotting Corpse

Poem #89: All That Remains

A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Three – Dysmorphia (Erotica)

Steam Greenlight Landfill: The Path

Amazing VGM: The Dark Colossus Destroys All (NieR)

Poem #90: The Hidden

Poem #91: The Living

Poem #92: Lies

Standard Review: Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy)

Poem #93: Into Death (Chimera)

Poem #94: Black & White

Hip Hop EP Review: Binge (Machine Gun Kelly)

The Last of Us (PS3/PS4): Why I Don’t Like AAA Games (Detailed Review)

The Blue Wave Is Not Enough (But We Are!)

The Interview (PC): Possibly the Worst Game of All Time (Detailed Review)

If it hasn’t been made obvious yet, I’m currently taking a break from poems. I am also going to put Amazing VGM and A Goddess’s Will on hiatus until I catch up on all the stuff I want to complete. Articles that are currently in pending include.

Top 25 Saddest Video Game Songs (12-1)
Castlevania Retrospective #2: The Classicvanias (Part 2)
Persona 3 Review (Title still undecided)
Fangame Review: (Mario) The Music Box
Euphoria: A Feminist Analysis – Sadistic Torture Porn, or Brutal Allegory?
Duke Nukem Forever Review (Although I plan to play through “The Doctor Who Cloned Me” DLC Episode first)

In addition to that, I also have reviews planned for DeltaRune, Riddled Corpses EX, Nekopara Extra, Contraption Maker, and Cosmic Star Heroine. There are plenty of other games in consideration as well but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

I am quite pleased with last month’s review line up. I was put up both The Graveyard and the Ghosts ‘n Goblins reviews as part of the Halloween theme and made it a goal to review both The Path and Gargoyle’s Quest to capitalize on them. Both of those were games I had backlogged for a while and I wanted to get them out of the way. The Stanley Parable and Insincere reviews did not have an intended theme though and I just put them up because I didn’t get to them in September. My reviews of Pony Island, The Interview, and The Last of Us were all put up because I’ve been meaning to get around to posting them for a while and they kinda fit the theme as well. Note that I still have 80 GameFAQs reviews to edit and repost here.

Also of note is that Daniel Mullins, the creator of Pony Island, liked my review of his game on Twitter. It is always immensely satisfying when a creator liked your work so I am glad I saw that. What is even more impressive is that my Saya no Uta review broke 1000 views within the first 24 hours it was posted. It is now the 4th most viewed piece of mine behind my reviews of Euphoria, Starless, and my Jed Whitaker Valkyrie Drive rant (and it’s probably going to overtake the rant soon since views have been kinda stagnant on that one while this review is getting about 10 or 15 views a day).

I have noticed the patter set that my reviews of eroge tend to be the most viewed. While one can make an obvious “sex sells” remark, I think this may actually be due to the more niche nature of games like Euphoria, Starless, and Saya no Uta. It could be that not many people tend to give serious examination of these types of games and I thus have a stake in this niche. Hell I remember there was a fan of Starless who liked my review purely because I gave it the amount of extensive thought that I did. I was touched by this comment simply because this type of passion does not always shine through.

So I may try and post more eroge reviews simply because I know that is what my audience tends to like the most. That’s not to say I’m going to abandon other stuff though but I may as well embrace my strengths. On top of this, I previously stated that I was going to try and abandon politics but I’m sure most that read my latest political piece will see how that worked out. I’m going to try and post more political content as well.

Anyway it is time for patron shoutouts. Special thanks to Kuros, IceTheRetroKid, Meiastra, Molly, Dia, Alex Silvey, Rinnie S, Cesar Zamudio, ForeverYorozuya93, and Blue Desolation. Also here is a periodic reminder that once my Patreon reaches $50 a month, I will review both Bayonetta AND Katawa Shoujo…. and likely Bayonetta 2 as well. If you’d like to see that happen or if you’d just like to support me and this blog then you can do so by pledging to my Patreon or by sharing my work with your friends or on social media. And also a reminder that anyone is welcome to stop by my Discord server if you’d like to chill with me and my homies.

Thank you very much for reading!

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