Poem #43: Our Devil

Note: This poem was originally posted on my Patreon account on August 21st of 2018. I am currently posting a new poem to my patreon account each day for patron exclusive reading and on this blog one week later for public viewing. If you’d like to see these poems when they are first put up then please consider pledging to my patreon page.

The tides drown my lungs.

The devil I’ve become.

Obsessed with gaining trust.

Only to fulfill lust.

Our reason to fear.

Our devil is near.

Satan so hear.

God is barely there.

For the sinners above.

And the saints below.

I offer you my love.

Lest my darkness expose.

To the faithful betrayed.

By the unloving God.

The world will decay.

And the heavens will rot.

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