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JRPG Update Indie: January 2018

And welcome to the other variation of JRPG Update that we currently hold. This series is meant to post a round up of news related to indie RPGs that are reminiscent of what are often considered JRPGs, regardless of the country where they were developed. Anyway, this one will be a bit different than JRPG Update Pro given that obscure indie titles tend to get far less coverage, so a lot of the news is basically “this game exists.” Anyway let’s get started.

Rainbow Skies

Teaser trailer released for Rainbow Skies. Physical editions also announced for Rainbow Skies and Eastasia soft’s previous title Rainbow moon, both of which feature standard editions and limited editions.

Rainbow Skies launches in 2018, teaser trailer and physical edition announced

Super Daryl Deluxe

Will be coming to PS4 and Steam in April 2018

‘RPGvania’ Super Daryl Deluxe announced for PS4, PC

Order Land

Order Land

Kickstarter relaunched for localization of turn based RPG/simulation hybrid Order Land.

Order Land Kickstarter localization campaign relaunched

Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy Has been released on Steam and will release on PS4, XBox One, and Switch in Q1 2019.

Classic JRPG-inspired Legrand Legacy launches January 24 for PC, Q1 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPG will be getting a release on the Switch in Spring 2018, and there will be a physical edition sold by Limited Run games on their website.

Saturday Morning RPG coming to Switch this spring

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles will be released on the Nintendo Switch e-shop in February.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles launches January 18 in Japan

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Yes I’m counting this one as a JRPG since it’s turn based and WRPGs are rarely turn based these days. Anyway it has been released on the Switch.

Darkest Dungeon for Switch launches January 18

Feudal Ahoy


Action RPG Metroidvania game Feudal Ahoy is announced for PS4, XBox One, Switch, and Steam.

Metroidvania-style action RPG Feudal Alloy announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

The Messenger

I decided I’m going to now include Metroidvanias regardless of whether there are technically RPG elements present. After all, one would still play them for the same reason as if there were RPG elements. I also decided I will now be including Zelda type games. Anyway, The Messenger is a retro inspired title that looks like a cross between Ninja Gaiden and Symphony of the Night as will be coming to PC and Consoles in 2018.


Treasure Adventure World

Treasure Adventure World, a remake of 2011’s Treasure Adventure Game, will be released on GOG february 17th.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Development update has been put out and it is slated for release in the first half of 2018.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night reveals traditional Japanese-style stage, flying pig enemy

Hyakki Castle


Hyakki Castle has been given free new content.


Kate’s Test (NSFW)

Hentai RPG Maker title Kate’s Test is up for order with a demo available.


Seris the Devil Killer in Harbor Village (NSFW)

Hentai RPG Maker title Seris the Evil Killer in Harbor Village has been released on DLSite.


Meltys Quest (NSFW)

Meltys Quest, another RPG Maker eroge has been released on Steam and DLSite in English. This one’s special since I’m actually going to be reviewing it.


Succubus Nightmare (NSFW)


Another hentai RPG, Succubus Nightmare, has been released in English on DLSite. This one doesn’t appear to be RPG Maker.


Succubus Nightmare 2 (NSFW)

As has its sequel, Succubus Nightmare 2.


Daughter of Essence

Demo for Daughter of Essence is up on Itch.io. Apparently this one is also an eroge, but it does not seem to be the type solely focused on sex. In fact, it looks pretty fucking awesome.


PSI Magic

VS Boss

PSI Magic has been released on Itch.Io as well. It looks okay I guess.


Haremon (NSFW)


Demo has been released for Haremon, another hentai RPG.


The Journey to Medulla

Demo has been released for The Journey to Medulla as well. I definitely like the premise of this one even if it isn’t  to interesting graphically


Palasiel Quest

Demo is available for Palasiel Quest as well. Nice aesthetic and a nice premise, this one looks interesting to me.


The Disappearing of Gensokyo

Doujin Touhou Action RPG The Disappearing of Gensokyo has been released on Steam.


Artifact Adventure Gaiden

Gameboy themed RPG Artifact Adventure Gaiden has also been released on Steam.


Fallen Legion

And so has Fallen Legion.


Towards the Pantheon


And Towards the Pantheon.



Image 7Image 7

And Luvocious.


Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days - Screenshots

Will be released in March of 2018


Ascendant Hearts (NSFW)

Hentai RPG Ascendant Hearts has been released on Steam with a patch available.


Witch Island II (NSFW)

And Witch Island II has been released on DLSite.


Anyway, those were this week’s discoveries. Will see you all next time.

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  1. May I suggest checking out rpgmaker.net for more JRPGs (both demos and complete). Blackmoon Prophecy II just came out in full, as did Blue Skies II, The Cerebral Symphony, Dragpm Quest +, Eldritch Law and others.

    The site has a mix of free and commercial games, not all on RPG Maker (despite the name, though it was meant to allude to people making JRPGs, not using that engine) and is constantly getting more. Cheers!

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