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School Idol QT Cool (PC): Crossdressing Eroge Done Wrong (Detailed Review) (NSFW)

This is the last Brash Games review of mine that has not been linked here yet. I am partially posting this one for context as I have a review of another femboy eroge in the making.

School Idol QT Cool Review

This game was… meh. I liked the concept of it, but it was so underutilized and was just used as a backdrop to get character A and character B to fuck. Yes, that may be porn in a nutshell, but no one ever pays for that shit these days. As such, if there’s going to be a price, it better either be VERY good porn or have something else to it, and this game has neither. Granted it is not a terrible game by any means and it will be satisfying if that’s what you are looking for, but it’s not going to impress anyone.

I will say that I’m glad I got the chance to review it though, as it’s a game that I got a small amount of enjoyment out of, but not nearly enough that I would consider it worth paying $15.00 for.

Also as an aside, I regret the use of the anti trans slur “trap” in the use of the original review, but I don’t think I can get that changed since I am no longer with the site.

If you are interested in purchasing this game, it can be bought on (here) or on Nutaku (here). BOTH LINKS ARE NSFW!

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