Amazing VGM: Madness (Euphoria)

Euphoria | Paradise

Well, you know what month it is folks, it is now October… unless you’re reading this in the future when it isn’t October. Anyway, this is a gimmicky excuse to focus on horror or Halloweeny material, and what better way to start off with music coming from literal torture porn? What do you mean I’m going to hell?

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 5: The Day My Butt Went Psycho

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on November 5th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

This commentary contains spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episode 5.

Episode 5 huh? We are close to halfway through the first season already. Time moves so fast, yet also so slow. Either way it still feels weird that this is the only series I have been keeping up with despite the fact that there are likely better ones. Either way I may do something with some of those ones but for now we have our fanservicey sports series.

The last episode ended when all the less important team members that aren’t Nozomi had their matches and won, except for Kazane who lost due to titty hypnosis. This time, however, we finally get to see Nozomi in her first real match since episode 1, and she is up against Kotone Fujisake. Nozomi is just coming off from having trained with the UTB, and she feels much lighter having ditched the suit and likely has her skills increase tenfold by hyperbolic time training logic, and Kotone’s mother was a prize queen and her sister already has a professional career. As a result, Kotone is basically very skilled by default. Also she’s thinking about yaoi all the time.

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The Tenth Line (PC/PS4): A High Hurdle to Clear, but Well Worth the Price of Admission (Detailed Review)

I’ve been meaning to try and bring back my JRPG Update series for quite a while now. It was one of the few things I did that was more than just spouting my opinion, and helped provide people with useful information, but it just wore me out and was too hard to keep up with. If I were to bring it back, I’m thinking of doing so with a different focus seeing as how a lot of the appeal was just showing off all the various different sections of the JRPG market.

Chances are, a lot of my reader base will be familiar with even the niche middle market titles localized by Atlus, XSeed, Namco Bandai, NISA, and Aksyss, but there isn’t a lot of attention paid to the notable JRPG influenced titles in the indie gaming scene. Unless something is entirely unique like Undertale or LISA, it’s usually not going to get much attention. After all, what even is there, RPG Maker Fantasy Quest VII (Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series & Knuckles)?

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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit | Main Menu

Sakura Spirit was a game that, at first, looks like it would appeal to me. The reason for this is that just about any fanservicey anime game is a natural curiosity for me. What can I say; I’m a girl that knows what she likes. Unfortunately that was not the case with Sakura Spirit as it turned out to be nothing other than a boring tease.

The key problem with Sakura Spirit is that it has nothing going for it other than sexy women in compromising poses, and that simply is not enough to keep one’s attention if the rest of the game is flat out boring. You can experience just about everything there is to Sakura Spirit just through Google image search.

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Amazing VGM: It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure)

Sonic Adventure | Sonic

I always remember both Sonic Adventure titles being among the first games I played that I got emotionally attached to. Yes they were corny as hell and even when I was a kid I cringed at some of the stupider moments (that’s code for “anything involving Amy Rose”) but both games exuded a type of emotion and passion that we rarely see anymore, and as I said when I reviewed it, I’m almost willing to say that it would have been a worse game if it had better writing.

Kids don’t usually notice flaws in writing, but they can sense emotion and passion, and Sonic Adventure was a game that exuded serious passion with its story. Unlike Mario whose 3D entries had little story involved, the 3D Sonic games did involve stories. While the writing and voice acting was corny as hell, it also had such charm and sincerity that I looked past it as a child and still can today. Partially I say this because there still has not been any game that made me feel quite the same as the Sonic Adventure titles, and I actually had trouble getting into Sonic Colors because of it (and because I actually didn’t dislike any of the 3D titles at that point except for Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic and the Black Knight, no I haven’t played Sonic 06 btw) and it’s partially why I have yet to play Generations or Lost World.

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New Patreon Rewards System & Personal Update

Yeah, I realized that the current system still isn’t cutting it, so I decided to scrap the current system and put something new in place. Part of the reason is mainly because I know that there is more to this blog than just reviews, and that no one is going to want to pay $30 just to see a game they like covered. As such, I decided to see if I could come up with better content. The rewards are now as follows.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 4: The Battles Begin

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on October 28th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

This commentary contains spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episode 4.

Keijo is a pretty strange series to say the least, and not even due to its premise either. What is instead strange about Keijo is the way how it plays this premise straight… yet still manages to make it work. Granted it is hardly a serious series in any sense, but the fact that it isn’t a straight up comedy is what defies expectations. Keijo manages to be entertaining more so based upon the sheer amount of thought put into the fictional sport itself and how individual players approach it.

This is something that was excellently illustrated in this week’s episode. The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger taking place before the class change match. In this episode, we get to finally see some actual matches for the first time since episode 1, starting with the match between Sayaka and Rin.

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Impressions & Commentary: Euphoria Intro

TW: All of them. All of the triggers. Specifically, rape, torture, death, emotional abuse, kidnapping, blackmail, and gaslighting; but really it’s more of an “all of them” kind of deal.

Earthbound | Absolute Terror

I’m sure most of you can tell that these words are not from Euphoria, but I really do not think any quote sums up my first impressions of this game quite as effectively. The battle against Giygas in Earthbound is commonly seen as one of the most emotionally draining and frightening sequences in gaming, but compared to what I saw in the first hour and a half of Euphoria, well… it looks like the battle against Giygas from Earthbound, which is a lot less terrifying than Euphoria.

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Standard Review: Poof Vs the Cursed Kitty (PC)

Poof VS the Cursed Kitty | title screen

I think this is the second to last game review written for Oprainfall that I need to link. Anyway I really don’t think much of this particular game.

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