Poem #124: A Monster

Note: This poem was originally posted on my Patreon account on November 16th of 2019. I am currently posting a new poem to my patreon account once a week for patron exclusive reading and on this blog one week later for public viewing. If you’d like to see these poems when they are first put up then please consider pledging to my patreon page.

I’m insatiable.

A veritable female Pinocchio who just wishes to be a real girl.

Just to be normal and not cursed to mortally wound my friend’s hearts.

Instead I’m uncontrollable, the choice to hurt others or myself.

At best to suppress the urge for a while but to never prevent.

It always rears its head when I least expect.

The black mark on the core of my soul, my glass heart stabbed until I lose control.

The broken tower collapses yet again, not even fully repaired.

I look in terror, for it’s already too late.

Another victim has been claimed.

The heavy weight of regret may sting, but one must always remember.

It is always better to a monster that aspires to be human, than to be a human being who aspires to be a monster.

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