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Site Progress & Personal Update: February 2019

I would like to apologize for the lack of activity last month as I have not only been busy with “activist work” (yes I am being intentionally vague about that for a reason) but my depression has been also relapsing throughout last month. I’ve come to realize that I may have put my ambitions too high in regards to activist work. I put together a writing piece longer than some books in regards to the midterms election and maybe I just was expecting a larger view count. Don’t get me wrong, this piece is among my top 10 most viewed articles but I had my hopes up too high that it would go viral.

The issue is that I have a secret project in motion that is likely going to stay secret for a lot of people unless I let them in on it. This has resulted in me putting more time into my secret project than my writing and I have thus fallen behind in article turnout and the daily view count. As such I’m going to make an effort to better balance the two and make sure I still have a fair amount of gaming AND political content for the future. Also I have abandoned the idea of emailing every US congressperson because I already have my hands full as it is. Anyway here is the article recap of last month.

US 2018 Midterm Rundown: How Does Our Congress Stand on LGBT & Minority Rights? #PinkTsunami

Dragon Quest (NES/MSX/SNES/GBC/Mobile/3DS/PS4): A JRPG Pioneer (Detailed Review)

Standard Review: You Have to Win the Game (PC)

Hip Hop Album Review: Kamikaze (Eminem)

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said there was less turnout article wise. To be fair the Midterm piece is still longer than double the other three combined but nonetheless the output was a lot lower than previous months, especially considering that the midterm piece was on New Years Day. I will say that I am glad I at least got that Kamikaze review out as that has been in the works for a while.

I have at least come to a realization within the last month though; a realization that it may not be necessary for me to become some civil rights crusader in order to prevent the rise of fascism, and that I don’t need to continually alter my approach. I’ve been constantly trying to make major change after major change because I was convinced that what I was doing wasn’t working, yet the only reason I had to believe that it wasn’t working was because I just felt that way. I already have so many people who love and respect me, and who look up to me yet I’ve continuously convinced myself that what I’ve done thus far isn’t good enough.

I’ve continuously defined myself by how others see me, and that has been a very unhealthy mentality. I haven’t been thinking as much about what I want individually and have instead been thinking about my peers. Of course some of what I genuinely want is related to activism and politics but Ive decided from this point on I’m not going to let it control me.

So don’t worry, none of you need to worry about me quitting reviews to bitch about Republicans on Twitter all day. Oh by the way, I have a new main on Twitter if anyone wants to follow that!

Anyway I should talk about what my upcoming plans are for Guardian Acorn. I will say that given my genuine increased interest in politics, there will likely be more content on that subject but it won’t be the majority of what I post. I can’t abandon games even if I wanted to after all. Anyway my upcoming reviews will be Dragon Quest II (which is currently in progress) and Banjo-Kazooie (which is because a certain Youtuber raised $300K for a charity for trans kids by streaming its inferior clone (from what I heard)).

Also I am planning on reviewing (Mario) The Music Box – ARC now that it’s out. Also the reviews for Bayonetta and Katawa Shoujo are now back on the table because someone else became a patron. And yes i also still need to review DeltaRune, Nekopara Extra, and Cosmic Star Heroine. Also I plan to do an Impressions and Commentary piece as well… been a while since we had one of those.

As for political stuff… I’m not even going to hint at those since it takes so much loner to make them and I already have enough gaming stuff in pending.

Anyway time for patron shout outs!

Special thanks to Alex Silvey, Alice Frances Timawa, Allison, Beverly Martin, Blue Desolation, Cesar Zamudio, IceTheRetroKid, Jennifer Hogueison, Meiastra, Molly, Rinnie S, and Tammy! Thank you so much for your support!

And for anyone else who wants to support me and this site, my Patreon can be found by clicking this link. If you want to talk to me you may also join my Discord server where you can chill with me and my peeps!

Anyway I am hoping things proceed smoothly from here on out!

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