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Hip Hop EP Review: Binge (Machine Gun Kelly)

This review is going to be a bit more brief than the last hip hop album review I wrote. For these type of reviews, I usually prefer to listen to each track multiple times to properly examine them and to actually purchase the album in question in order to hear it in higher quality than on a Youtube upload. I cannot nor do I want to do that for this album, and I plan to express why.

And before I do that, I’m going to address the obvious elephant in the room. Yes I am a fan of Eminem and wrote a 5000+ word piece defending one of his most panned albums, and I stand by that. I do still plan to get around to writing about Kamikaze but I decided to listen MGK’s latest work.

The most obvious reply anyone will give to me is that I’m just a stan joining in on the hate on MGK, and if you say that then you’re a bloody idiot. I don’t care about this petty drama between hip hop artists and I’ve enjoyed the work of other artists who have dissed Eminem (ICP comes to mind). I don’t think that Binge is completely devoid of positive quality either.

I can sense that there was genuine passion that was put into this EP and the way that Kelly delivers his lines. I can also sense at least some creativity with the lyrics, although I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I do quite like some of the poetic aspects such as using the bridge from “Rap Devil” in a more somber fashion in “Nylon”, as well as the reprise of “Long Time Coming” at the end of “Love Fast Die Young,” but this EP was just painful to listen to… and I mean that literally.

Listening to this EP gave me a headache, and the key reason for this was the clanginess of each of the instrumentals combined with all that fucking autotune. Seriously, every track in this EP is drenched in auto tune for no reason. I was under the impression that auto tune was supposed to held people who can’t sing sound listenable but instead so many fucking artists use it on bumfuck everything. Why the Hell does anyone use it on spoken word verses? It doesn’t add anything worthwhile and it just irritates the fuck out of anyone above the age of 17 with any god damn taste!

If it weren’t for this auto tune then I may have actually bothered to listen to this EP more than once before writing this review, but that isn’t the only problem with it either. With the exception of “Rap Devil,” every track on this EP is under three minutes and is made up of chorus repeat after chorus repeat. It just shows how phoned in this album is that he couldn’t be bothered to create tracks with actual meat to them.

It’s kind of telling that “Rap Devil” was the only track on this album that feels like a complete track, and even then it still sounds unpleasant and grating. Almost as if all the effort came from trying to get Eminem’s attention while with everything else he just thinks it’s alright as long as there’s an aggressive beat.

For all I know, his older stuff could be better. I’ve seen a fair number of MGK fans saying that he went downhill with this EP. I’d ask what kind of drugs Kelly was on to drop something this whack while deciding to diss one of the most popular rappers of all time, but considering some of the lyrical content of this EP I think the answer is obvious.

If it sounds like I don’t have much to say here, it’s because I don’t. This is just outright garbage. And he seriously acts like Em is out of touch when he calls him a mumble rapper. Okay yes, he doesn’t mumble much on this EP and you can understand him, but when he uses this godawful auto tune garbage and the only people who defend it are those that only care about the beats it’s easy to get the impression that this is what most of MGK’s music is like. If most of MGK’s music is of this caliber then his “mumble rapper” reputation is well earned despite him not being a literal example.

I’m going to assume that his older stuff was better though, as I can sense that MGK is the type that can genuinely create something great when he fucking tries. Regardless of one’s impressions on MGK though, I hope most of us can agree that the only place this EP has earned a spot is in the trash bin where it belongs.

Also the two tracks linked in this piece are the two best ones on the EP, and I was being generous by not posting the worst stuff. Although you are welcome to look them up if you don’t value you sanity or not having head pain.

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