Poem #16: Uncertainty

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Uncertainty rears its ugly head, spitting out the words I dread.

It came to me as a painful feeling of complexity aplenty. Spread beneath my feet as I toil forward in misery.

Noxious fumes assume the irate peril of erroneous times much fought beneath stones of time.

With which my destiny is unclear to me but danger is.

Towards which light must I climb to free myself from the wicked terrors that reside in my mind?

To which end of the earth must I travel until the darkening void left inside comes alive and bright?

Whose life must I fix to restore my own?

Through which remnants of shattered dreams craft the blade I will wield.

No matter the cost, no matter the task, I will stand towards the bloody mast.

Though my dear friends crumble around me and I yearn for an end to eternity…

I still push on despite uncertainty, I never yield until death shall take me.

Even if I’m wrong.

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