Poem #126: Quarantine

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The familiar despair, the desolate air.
The various ways in which I wasn’t there.
Claustrophobic trauma, a mounting presence.
Overwhelming grief, a depression quintessence.
Erosion of the mind, tearing down the soul.
The unending pressure still takes its bloody toll.
The muscles stiffen, the bones shatter.
The many ways my sanity scatters.
The skin unravels, the flesh rattles.
The insurmounting odds of treacherous travels.
The timeless tears, the countless jeers.
Unbearable damage of the crippling fears.
Poisonous air, a distant ideal.
Many a fate to the dreams left unreal.
Stacking up bombs, letting them tick.
Spilling the blood of the old and sick.
Filling with magma of the shortened breath.
Killing the stamina of my emotional tent.
Isolating the storm, it tears a hole in the vent.
Flagellation is one’s true destination.
Fight for a doomed cause, no resolution.
No relief, no heal, no midway, no end.
Everything I ever was, is all pretend.

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