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Site Progress & Personal Update: January 2020

We did it folks, we managed to survive three years of a Trump presidency… barely. Unfortunately he has now launched a drone strike on Iran and we may be heading into World War III. I knew that Trump was going to get worse in 2020 but I didn’t think he’d do it THIS soon!! So yeah, hopefully we last until the election or decide to storm the white House and drag Trump’s ass to the guillotine where it belongs, because I don’t want the last post on this site to read like the final few chapters of the Diary of Anne Frank.

It’s hard to believe I once wrote about games or something. I would like to go back to that when we get this embarrassment of a human being out of the White House and replace him with Bernie Sanders, but I know for a fact it does not end there. I miss my ignorance of politics, when I could be ignorant enough to post fifteen game related pieces a month and still have fun with it all. But I’m writing about politics so much precisely because it annoys the people who don’t like it when people mix games and politics together. Just because you love it when Daddy Trump bombs innocent civilians and locks immigrants in cages does not mean the rest of the world should pretend you are not a sadistic freak.

So yeah, it’s hard to split the focus between these two different things, and thus my motivation gets drained more easily. But I’m still going at it. Anyway here is last month’s really short article recap.

Arkansas 2020 Elections (Pink Tsunami)

Standard Review: The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa (Switch/PC)

Only two articles last month. This shit is taking more out of me than I realized. It’s not as if I did no writing though. In the last few weeks I was trying to get one last end of the year Amazing VGM in the similar vein to my piece on Reunited and The Weight of the World, but that will be delayed slightly. That is in part because this one covers more than one arrangement of a track as opposed to a single track, but also because I’ve just felt like crap recently.

I did at the very least get my review of The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa  out, and I finished Lucah: Born of a Dream so that will be my next review. I have also been sitting on a review of Bayonetta despite having completed the game over a month ago. The reason being that I consider review codes a higher priority since a dev actually sent me them as opposed to me buying them. Needless to say, I did not expect three review codes to fall into my lap at once. I also did not expect to not really care for any of the three games. That being said, Lucah was the least bad of the three but I didn’t care for it much overall.

After my reviews of Lucah and Bayonetta are done, the next game review will most likely be of Dragon Quest III since that is what I am currently playing, and also because I need a break from games that I’ve made my obligations to cover. So it’s basically going to be whatever the hell I feel like.

In regards to political pieces, I’m starting to feel some doubt about how many of these I can make, and whether or not it is worth it considering they don’t get many views regardless. Of course, motivation can come and go in a flash so it is entirely likely that I can regain my motivation after writing this piece, or that it can stay gone.

Chances are, there’s going to be far less of an emphasis on electoral politics after the 2020 election is over, and that’s largely because I feel like my writing tends to be redundant at this point, and if I am to help then I should do things differently. I don’t want to go into how at this time.

Oh and then there’s the subject of Youtube drama and Contrapoints, who I may or may not decide to write another piece about. Her latest video was…okay, but it gets worse the more I think about it, and I don’t know how much scrutiny it can hold. I’ll at least give it a second viewing before deciding.

Anyway it is time for patron shoutouts.

Special thanks to Beverly Martin, bluedesolation, Brittany Eakin, Cesar Zamudio, Dia, IceTheRetroKid, Madeline Koeppel, Rinnie S, Sam Dermody, and Winter. As usual, your support means the world to me and you are all amazing. Also special thanks to anyone who has offered emotional support these last few weeks, or ever really. I’ve lately felt as if I’m just going through the motions a lot of the time, but you people help remind me who I’m really here for.

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