Has it Held up? – Metroid (NES) (Standard Review)

Metroid | metroids

Recently I decided to play through the original Metroid on a whim. I have a specific set of games I want to play through but I always tend to deviate from that schedule eventually. The reason why I decided to was because I have actually never played the first Metroid before this. I have played through Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Fusion before but not the original. Granted I could have just played the remake Metroid: Zero Mission for the GBA but I wanted to see how the series started. I wanted to play through the first Metroid just so I can ask, has it held up?

The answer to that the original Metroid does in fact pass the test of time, but it does so with a C minus. I did have fun with Metroid but there was a lot of shit that really interfered with that and will be difficult to go back to. Nonetheless there is still quite a bit that puts this game ahead of mediocre clones like Legends of the Universe – Starcore even with the game’s age. Read more

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Legends of the Universe – Starcore

There are sometimes when I review certain games where I think to myself that “someone spent a lot of their time and money to make this game.” Contrary to the cartoonish portrayal by angry video game reviewers, game development isn’t easy, and even games that are not the least bit good take a lot of time to create. As such, I sometimes feel bad when I tear into games that are likely made by newbie devs… unless the game is unplayable shovelware then I don’t really care.

Legends of the Universe: Starcore is not quite in the same category of unplayable as Ghostie Quest or 8BitBoy, but holy fuck is it dull. Read more