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Site Progress & Personal Update: August 2019

I have previously mentioned my dilemma of not knowing what direction to take my blog in. I’ve been most recently focused on politics as of late but my game reviews were what made this blog what it was. I’ve been thinking about what direction I wanted to take things, but I think I reached a decision. I’m going to focus specifically on politics at this time, and I’m going to be doing this from now until the United States Presidential Election at least. Whether or not I keep going past that point will likely depend on whether or not Trump wins re-election.

I initially intended this blog as a long shot hope of substituting for an actual career, and maybe that could still happen. But everything is currently falling apart in my country, and if I don’t do literally everything in my power to stop it then I’m not that much better than those who actively support it. That’s not to say that there won’t be anything else, just that the focus will be on politics for a while. Anyway here is last month’s article recap.

Standard Review: Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (PS3/360/PC)

Poem #112: Theme

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch): Ultimately, A Letdown (Detailed Review)

Steam Greenlight Landfill: They Breathe

Pink Tsunami: The 2020 Senatorial Elections – Part Five

Poem #113: Another Soul

So yeah, the amount is pretty small if we are going based on numbers alone, but I did get two major pieces out of the way. The first was my review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is almost at 1,000 views so I consider it a success, regardless of how many of those views were from haters. No such thing as bad publicity bitches!!!

The second one that I completed was the final part of my 2020 Senate piece. I am quite proud of finishing this piece, but I will admit there are some glaring faults that occurred as a result of me learning new things throughout the time spent writing it. Not to mention that I changed my mind on certain things toward the end of the it so not everything expressed is consistent with my current opinion. I am proud of the piece overall though, but it is also for that reason that I’m going to wait a bit before covering the 2020 Gubernatorial Elections.

Most of my thoughts lately have been on how to use my blog to help progressive candidates win these uphill battles. I know that my own influence is limited in the long run, but I am determined to maximize this influence as much as possible. I can’t say I’m fond of building signs or knocking on doors, and I don’t have much money to donate, but I think I have a few ideas that may be just as effective. But you’ll have to wait and see them to find out.

I know better than to give all my plans away when I’ve had the tendency to change my mind at the drop of my panties, so I’ll just shout my patrons out now. Special thanks to Alice Frances Timawa, Winter, Beverley Martin, bluedesolation, Riley the Neko, Dia, IceTheRetroKid, Madeline Koeppel, Rinnie S, and Tammy Aran. I immensely appreciate the support I have received from you all and it means a hell of a lot to me. If you would like to support me as well, you can do so by pledging to my Patreon here

Hopefully things continue to proceed smoothly from here on out.

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