Pink Tsunami: 2019 US Gubernatorial Elections

For those unaware of what #PinkTsunami is, it is the name I have given to my new political projects aimed at shedding light on the elections going on in this country from a leftist feminist perspective. I first used this term in my 2018 Midterms piece and said that I would continue to use it to refer to future pieces, and I plan to follow through on that after all. Also I decided that political pieces will be up for everyone the moment I am done with them because I want people to be informed as soon as possible.

A lot of eyes are focused on 2020 in the world of US politics. It is not hard to see why given the immense amount of democratic candidates coming out of the woodwork to be the one run against President Pussygrabber. This is not even taking the senatorial elections into account where 22 Republicans will be defending their seats in an election where tons of pissed off citizens will inevitably storm the polling stations to vote out Trump and anyone associated with him.

It is easy for us to forget that there ARE elections occurring this year. Specifically there are three gubernatorial elections that will occur during this year, and they are all in red states. I think we should take a look at them, don’t you think? I’ve been working on a piece about the 2020 Senate elections that is similar to this one, so you can consider this a sneak preview to what some of my future political pieces are like. Read more