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Music Album Review: Revival (Eminem): Why the Critics are Wrong

Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, or whatever you want to call him, is one of the most fascinating public figures I have ever encountered. I was undoubtedly late to the party in regards to his work as I have only discovered it a few years ago. I have heard bits and pieces of his songs from my brother who I assume, like many others, was a fan of his in the early 2000s but lost interest afterwards. The first song of his I actually listened to was “When I’m Gone,” one of three original songs (and the only good one at that) included on his Greatest Hits album “Curtain Call.

I tend to be drawn to any works of arts with strong emotional power to them much more so than the usual over the top edgy shit Em is known for (although I do still enjoy that stuff) so his singles like “Mockingbird”, “Like Toy Soldiers”, “Cleanin Out My Closet”, “Stan”, “Beautiful”, “Not Afraid”, “The Way I Am” and “Space Bound” were the ones that that I noticed first, but I also was quite fond of the hilarious and clever stuff like “My Name Is”, “The Real Slim Shady”, “Without Me,” “Rap God”, “Berserk”, “Guilty Conscious,” etc. However, it is hardly just the singles that I liked, as I have heard every song from his main albums at least once.