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Amazing VGM: Christmas Love (Osu)

It’s the Christmas season everyone, and a bunch of other stuff if you are of another faith that doesn’t matter, because this is Trump’s Amurica now, and we say Christmas here! Irony aside, it’s always going to be Christmas to me despite hardly being much of a Christian anymore. So many people are always cynical about this time of year but I seem to be one of the only ones who still believe in the true Holiday spirit. Oh and also the presents help, gotta love that commercialism. However, what probably does foster cynicism about the Holidays is hearing those same damn songs every year. I’m sure that they were good when they first came out, but one can only take year after year of ” ROCKIN’ AROUND the CHRISTMAS TREE AT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY HOP!!!!!!!!!!!” before it starts to get grating as fuck.