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A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Five – La Petite Mort (Erotica)

Note: This story is a work of erotica that is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18 or their respective country’s legal age. This chapter also contains mentions and themes of misogyny, transphobia, and fascism.

Alissa was nervous. The worst time of the week was present, the time when Andrea had to leave to get supplies. Normally, it would be considered unhealthy to feel such a strong attachment to someone that you get nervous when they are gone. But when one is as emotionally broken as Alissa, it’s hardly abnormal. Transgender people have historically had it difficult, but the mass moral panic of the late 2010s could be seen as a vacation for trans people living after the great collapse.

The world of Alissa’s time is ravaged by a worldwide conflict known as the “End War,” a massive and bloody conflict between numerous political ideologies. The end goal of each side was to wipe each other off the face of the earth, regardless of who or what is caught in the crossfire. The two thugs who almost murdered Alissa belonged to The Gorgons, a female supremacist army seeking complete liberation from Patriarchy by any means necessary. Many female refugees from other factions defect to join The Gorgons, which makes them the most diverse of the five factions vying for global domination. Unfortunately for Alissa, they operate on biological essentialist philosophy, and anyone deemed to be men or male sympathizing are either imprisoned or killed on sight if they enter Gorgon territory.

As frightening as this was for Alissa, she was willing to risk it to escape from Gold Lion territory. There are few worse fates in this world than being a woman in Gold Lion territory. Women are considered little more than objects and prizes, and are stripped of basic human rights. The only way to gain any sort of power or influence is to parrot the fascist, and often profoundly misogynistic ideology of Gold Lion males. Existing as a woman in Gold Lion territory guarantees that a decent chunk of the population will want to see you beaten, raped, or even killed simply for existing. In Gold Lion territory, it is considered a right of passage for a woman to be raped, and the average life expectancy is significantly lower for women than for men. While past society’s have been implicitly misogynistic, the Gold Lions are explicitly so.

Alissa had the unfortunate displeasure of being a trans woman in a Gold Lion settlement. While it is much preferable to being a woman, being assigned male at birth in Gold Lion terrain is still a grueling and miserable life. Gold Lions demand strength, pride, and power from all their men, and will viciously abuse any who do not show it. To even entertain the thought of being a trans woman will ensure one’s death, because questioning any innate “truths” of the world will put a target on your back. Thus Alissa’s only choice was to repress, and to internalize every ideal taught to her. While Alissa’s demeanor may come about as meek and submissive, this is only because she’s been taught to associate strength with masculinity. In order to survive under the Gold Lions, she needed to be strong and brutal, but to have any hope of escape, she needed to suppress any strength.

This has traumatized her to the point where she would willingly let herself get killed rather than fight back. When her options are two conflicting feelings, the only choice she had is to feel nothing, push everything down, and only perform what is necessary. Despite the fact that she can and has killed people with her bare hands, she is broken far beyond mere flesh wounds and bone fractures. Her very sense of soul and humanity has been shattered.

While waiting for her lover to return, she imagined Andrea’s arms wrapped around her. She imagined Andrea reaching into her panties and stroking her girldick. She imagined Andrea playing with her nipples and feeling up her hopefully soon to exist breasts. She imagined being held with both of Andrea’s arms, and Andreas legs wrapping around her waist to express full possession of her body. She thought of being Andrea’s personal toy, and thought that if she could make her happy, then life may just be worth living.

Alissa’s sense of love was powerful and passionate, but it was also unhealthy. She possessed a sense of neediness that most people grow out of by the time they reach adulthood. She’s a byproduct of a cruel, broken world, and is overwhelmed by past fears and trauma. She fears she could never overcome them, and part of her doesn’t want to. So it’s only natural that a caregiver such as myself would have my sight on her.

While Andrea got to her before me, it is only inevitable that she won’t be able to satisfy her fully. There will always be moments like right now where she’ll be alone. And there’s always the risk that Gorgon police figure out what she’s doing, which will put both of them in grave danger. Andrea is great and all, but she can never hope to compare to a literal Goddess such as myself. She only needs to make one mistake, and it will all end. I’ll always be lying in wait, and once my lips are wrapped around my pray, nothing escapes. But it looks like Andrea has made it back unscathed this time, so I won’t be sucking the life out of them for now.

Andrea stood there as Alissa pleasured herself, carrying a smirk on her face. Alissa awkwardly stroked herself until she noticed Andrea standing right in front of her. As soon as she noticed, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her face was bright crimson, and she felt she would die of embarrassment. “Why’d you stop?” Andrea sarcastically replied. She obviously knew why, but much like myself, she loved teasing easily flustered cuties. Alissa tried to spit out a reply, but was so flustered that she kept tripping over her words before she could properly communicate anything.

“Does my cute baby girl need mommy to help her finish?” She replied in a teasing voice, like one would use when talking to a small puppy. At that point, all the blood in Alissa’s body rushed to her face, and she was blushing so hard that she started panting. Andrea was good at this. I have had millions of years to refine my flirtatious teasing, but she managed to reach this point in a few decades. If she wasn’t born mortal, perhaps she could even rival myself.

Andrea crept onto their bed, and and grabbed Alissa’s girlcock. She gently gripped it with one hand, pressing a finger, releasing, and pressing the next in an undulating pattern. The other hand ran a finger across her testicles, before cupping them and fondling them. This brought a strange sense of euphoria to Alissa. The two parts of her body that have been a source of pain and ugliness, are now a source of pleasure to her. This was not the first time that her genitalia has been touched, but she still get an almost contradictory sense of euphoria every time it happens.

Semen then slowly leaks out of Alissa’s girldick and sticks to Andrea’s hands. While hormone replacement medication is more difficult to come by following the great collapse, Andrea still had enough connections to acquire some. Alissa has been on the hormones for long enough that the texture of her penis changed, as well as the way she ejaculates. Andrea then seductively licks her hands clean, while staring directly into Alissa’s eyes with a look that communicates pure carnal desire.

Without saying a word, she then begins to lick Alissa’s girldick. Alissa starts to quiver in delight. The pleasure becomes intense not just from the physical sensation, but also because of she had internalized the idea that no one could be attracted to her. It was so much for her that her eyes began to water. Andrea then wrapped her lips around Alissa’s member, and began to devour it much like a snake does its prey. To keep the entirety of Alissa’s cock from pressing her gag reflex, her head bobbed back and forth, her lips kissing Alissa’s pelvis every time she moved forward. She kept at this until Alissa came yet again, this time in Andrea’s throat. Afterwards, Andrea made out with Alissa, using the same tongue that was just wrapped around her dick a few seconds ago.

Neither of them said anything, yet they both displayed complete comfort within each other’s arms. One could tell the two deeply cared for each other through their body language alone. At moments like this, it makes what I’m about to do feel wrong. But I have no choice in the matter either. Not even true love, can stop death itself.

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