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Amazing VGM: Shades of Grey (YOU and ME and HER)

Oh right, I’m supposed to write things other than game reviews occasionally! Sorry, it completely slipped my mind because of how many game reviews I’m behind on. Yes, I’m still behind on those reviews, but I just finished up the Disturbing Video Games Iceberg, so I’ll do something easy between that and my next review. I actually just kinda notice that YOU and ME and HER was on the Iceberg, as I was just looking for something that shouldn’t take too long. IE not a track with sixty different arrangements that I need to cover. So I figured it was time to cover Totono’s beautiful opening theme.

I was initially planning to do that thing where I talk about what the lyrics mean, and how they contribute to the song. But unfortunately, I can’t find the lyrics anywhere. Well technically, there is one video that has the lyrics translation, but even I can tell that the translation is kinda choppy. The official English trailer also translates the lyrics, and even writes them to fit a more traditional English rhyme scheme, but it only covers the first half of the song. I would still recommend checking it out just because, wow, they are absolutely breathtaking! It makes me wonder if Jast did this for the full song, or just stopped when they had enough for the trailer?

“Shades of Gray,” otherwise known as “Monochrome” is the opening song to YOU and ME and HER. Some of you might recall that I reviewed this game a year ago… wait it’s already been over a year since I reviewed this game, holy shit! Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself through typing… somehow, I had some of the strongest words spoken in favor of this game that I have said in any review. And I stand by those words.

The breathtaking music is one of the many factors that make this game so amazing. This opening theme is a piece of pure, elegant beauty that functions very well as both an opening and ending theme. Those opening string notes hooks you in right away, and Keigo Iwase’s vocals are perfectly beautiful. Every line is spoken with such passion and elegance that it’s enough to bring a tear to one’s eye, even if they are unfamiliar with the game’s story. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s those female vocals in the third verse….just, goosebumps.

While anyone who has read my review, or who has done any research on this game or Nitroplus, is most likely aware that Tonono isn’t just a typical romantic moege, part of the genius of this game is how well it functions as a love story. The horror elements take the player by surprise precisely because the romantic first half functions so well that it never occurs to you that it plans to sweep the rug out from under you. And this song represents that so well, by representing Shinichi and Miyuki’s relationship, as well as the beauty of their friendship with Aoi so perfectly. It’s also a contender for a song I wish to play at my own wedding… but I have plenty of those to choose from.

Anyway, I finally got another Amazing VGM piece done after several months. I guess now I either need to catch up on game reviews, or work on this big political piece I’m planning. See you all then!

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  1. Was just looking at the iceberg and saw Wonderful Everyday. Since you’re the VN reviewer I look at the most, I’d be really excited to see you have a look at that one.

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