Cosmic Star Heroine has an amazing soundtrack. I’ve established as much in my review of this game, and this game could very well become a regular contender if I actually get back to doing these pieces weekly again. I’ve also implied quite heavily that my favorite character is Indie Band front woman Lauren. Oh gee, who could possibly guess why my favorite character is the sexy green haired lady with an attitude and a disrespect for traditional authority figures?

Normally, I’d just post a download link, but it’s best to see this with the accompanying faux 16-bit cutscene of Lauren’s performance. Zeboyd even went as far as to write the song’s lyrics in Japanese, despite the fact that this game was made by a western company. I can’t quite comment on whether or not it sounds like natural Japanese, but it works regardless. The fact that they got Laura Shigihara, of To the Moon, Plants Vs Zombies, and Deltarune fame, to sing the vocals shows that Zeboyd went all out on this track, and this game in general for that matter.

The lyrics are perfectly fitting of Lauren’s character AND of Cosmic Star Heroine’s theme of not blindly obeying authority like you’re told, and that badass beat and those beautiful vocals are simply sublime. I have a lot of respect for anything that doesn’t blindly worship authority figures given the amount of strain they have put on me over the years. Lauren singing about how she stood up to a teacher who bullied her friend, at an age when most of us are conditioned to sit down and shut up, really helps paint a picture of an inspiring and powerful woman who will protect those important to her. I dare say that this song does more to develop Lauren’s character than the rest of the game put together… yeah, the game really could have done more to develop its characters.

On top of this, the track is just flat out powerful and inspiring, and it kicks some serious ass!

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