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Site Progress & Personal Update: December 2019

Gosh it feels like these months are going by in a flash. Things have been going pretty well for me as of late, and I have been quite hard at work. While things are still a bit slower on this blog then they used to be, that is specifically because I’m still working on additional political projects. Specifically, I am trying to get a Facebook group set up for Progressive candidates to interact with their supporters and to build a bigger support base for said candidates.  Thus far I have got 38 candidates to join on and I am still working towards making this a thing.

This is what happens when the higher ups fuck with those less fortunate than them. Those less fortunate get pissed and decide to take things into their own hands, and they raise hell! I apologize if you don’t care about politics and just want to see me talk about vidya Geamz, but I can’t sit this one out. Although I will still try to get some reviews out.Anyway here is last month’s recap.

Standard Review: Neverending Nightmares (PS4/Vita/PC/Ios/Ouya)

Standard Review: Youkai Douchuuki (Arcade/NES/TG16)

Poem #120: In Your Arms

Standard Review: Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend (PC) (NSFW)

Poem #121: Spite

Alabama 2020 Elections (Pink Tsunami)

My most recent piece is about the 2020 Elections in Alabama, and I am quite proud of it. While I do kind wish I went into more details about the other Republican candidates, it probably would have been redundant at this point since most people are convinced that Jones can’t win against anyone other than Roy Moore. The only advantage that Jones would have over any of his opponents is the financial advantage. Hell even Moore has a better shot this time due to being on the same ballot as Trump, and getting the support of straight ticket voters who did not research the Senate race beforehand. I’m already a decent way into the Arkansas piece, and it’s definitely an interesting one. Following that will be the Illinois one since they just passed the deadline.

In regards to game reviews, my next review will be of The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa since I got it as a review code, and the one after that will either be of Bayonetta or Lucah: Born of a Dream, the latter of which is also a review code and that I just started playing recently. I also may or may not do another anime review.

In regards to my personal life, I’ve been doing pretty well. earlier in November I got to spend the week with two of my partners, and it was absolute bliss being with them. I’ve also had date with another trans girl in my areas named Joanna, and I have gotten into the habit of brushing my teeth every day. It is fairly common for people with depression to neglect personal hygiene due to the overwhelming lack of energy and motivation, so the fact that I have been able to consistently manage this every day is a good sign that I’m on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately I still have quite a ways to go until I’ll be able to function like a normal adult. I still have agoraphobia and little money, and I’m still scared to death of working a normal job or going back to college full time. A large part of this is because I’ve been able to build up such a large following with my work and activism because I had the time to, and I absolutely DESPISE schedules and deadlines to the point that they trigger a traumatic reaction. Given just how deep these issues are, I don’t see a way to overcome them any time soon.

That is likely a major reason why I focus so heavily on activism, I fight to change the world because I’m unable to change myself to fit its requirements. And it is through my activism that I find many people who also want to change the system, and it is reassuring because it reminds me that I’m not just dead weight after all. If it wasn’t obvious, my poem The Machine refers to capitalism.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have parents who are willing to support me and aren’t hounding me to go to school or get a job because they understand I am not in the right mental health that I’m capable of that, I’d likely have killed myself by now, and everything I’ve accomplished in the past few years would not exist. So I really owe a lot to my dad, even if I’ve had a lot of issues with him in the past.

So yeah it is a bit late for this since Thanksgiving is past, but I am thankful for all the amazing people that have supported me through all this intense hardship. I wouldn’t be here without you. It is you people that I find the will to live even in this corrupt, amoral country that is insistent on grinding anyone who isn’t a rich old white man into the dust.

Anyway it is time for patron shoutouts.

Special thanks to Beverly Martin, bluedesolation, Brittany Eakin, Cesar Zamudio, Dia, IceTheRetroKid, Madeline Koeppel, Rinnie S, Sam Dermody, and Winter. If you would like to support me or my work then please consider pledging to my Patreon. Thank you all so much for your support, I really don’t know what I’d do without you!



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