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Site Progress & Personal Update: November 2019

Another month has passed and… I didn’t actually do all that much writing wise. Three poems, one personal piece, and one re-uploaded review isn’t all that much I know. It feels like every time I sit down to write one of these Site Update pieces, I’m just trying to justify a lack of activity when the truth is that Guardian Acorn just hasn’t been my top priority as of late. That’s not to say I haven’t been doing anything, but a lot of the work I’ve done has been focused on… other projects that I’d like to keep a secret for now. That’s not even taking into account the constant attempts to combat depression.

My focus has lately been on politics, and it just seems so much more vital to do whatever I can in that regard. This has consisted of researching races and scouring the internet to find out about new progressive candidates. I’m thankfully not alone in this endeavor as I’ve had the opportunity to actually speak with a fair number of these candidates myself, some of whom I’ve even become friends with. But the idea is on figuring out how I can help them win with my limited influenced.

I’m not content to just wait until election day, vote for not Trump, and hope for the best. I’ve come to learn a lot more about the state of politics since writing my last two major political projects. If I am to get back into regular submissions to this blog then I may need to start writing more about them, but I will need a different approach. Anyway here is the brief recap of last month.

Poem #117: Borderline

Poem #118: The Creature Below

For National Coming Out Day.

Poem #119: The Machine

Standard Review: Neverending Nightmares (PS4/Vita/PC/Ios/Ouya)

To update people on the gaming stuff first, there has been a change in schedule for my planned reviews. I’m still working on Bayonetta. I’ve already beat the game three separate difficulty modes, got every umbran tear of blood, and am just working on the final post game stuff. I have also received a review code for the Jast USA published eroge Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend. I also have two other review codes for indie titles that I plan to take care of after Bayonetta and Amayakase.

Writing wise, I have the text finished for my review of Youkai Douchuuki and just to add images. I will wait to write my review of Bayonetta until I completed my review of Sakura Angels, but I will focus on reviewing Amayakase as soon as I finish it because I feel more of an obligation to get the reviews done for games I get codes for. On top of that, there’s still a few other obligations review wise so I guess I’ll be taking longer to get to Maggot Baits than I expected.

On the subject of politics, progressives came away with a lot of wins in our Elections. The most well known examples are of Kentucky election a Democratic Governor and Virginia flipping its state legislature, and the number of Democratic socialists that have won local elections in purple states, but the most impressive victory occurred in my home state of Pennsylvania. I think this should put any concerns about Trump winning 2020 to rest. In regards to any future content of mine on political topics, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but with how focused on politics I have been, I think I will need to figure something out soon.

Anyway thank you once again to Winter, Madeline Koeppel, Tammy Aran, Rinnie S, IceTheRetroKid, Dia, Cesar Zamudio, Blue Desolation, and Beverley Martin for your support on Patreon. Your support means so much to me, especially given that updates have been a bit on the slow side lately. I’m definitely far from done though, and I still have quite a bit of fight left in me.




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