Pink Tsunami: The 2020 Senatorial Elections – Part Four

And we have reached part four of my series about the upcoming Senatorial Elections. This one will also be the part with the most Democratic incumbents covered. Just goes to show you that covering the states in Alphabetical order means that you can’t really balance them out, but that won’t matter too much. Anyway let us begin, starting with…

New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen
Incumbent: Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic)

New Hampshire has been cited as a purple state, but the truth is that if this state was any bluer than racists would be saying that its lives matter. yes, people will point to the fact that its partisan index rating is “even,” but keep in mind that most of the states that voted Obama in 2012 but Trump in 2016 likely would have voted differently if Bernie got the nomination. All I really need to say is that New Hampshire’s Republican Governor signed bills offering protections for trans people and banning conversion therapy. So one can easily grasp that the overton window is much further to the left than in most of the country.

The person up for re-election in 2020 is Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Shaheen is another standard liberal. Most of my criticisms of her consist of the fact that she used to be anti gay when she was Governor in the late 90s, but changed her mind when it became convenient. She also supported the Iraq war but 2 years later claimed it was under false pretenses because 404 weapons of mass destruction not found.

So she has some problems but the important thing is that we can rely on her to vote in favor of the standard progressive stuff and to not be a Republican. Shaheen currently has the 10th highest approval rating in the Senate and is notable for having managed to win re-election in 2014. I emphasize this because 2014 was a year with much higher Republican turnout and it was the year that they took the majority. On top of that, a Republican incumbent lost re-election to the Senate in 2016, which was also a pretty shit year for Democrats. So it is pretty safe to assume that she’s going to win re-election in a year that is looking to have a much stronger Democratic turnout.

The best shot that Republicans seem to have had at unseating Shaheen was if current New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu decided to run for Senate instead of re-election. Recent polls suggested that Sununu would be tied if he ran against Shaheen, but Sununu has declined and is running for re-election instead.

This means the most high profile contender that Republicans have is former Senator Kelly Ayotte, the same one who lost to Maggie Hassan in 2016. Just as a reminder, Kelly Ayotte has voted against the minimum wage fairness act, the paycheck fairness act, and to allow people to use “God said I could” as a defense for anti LGBT discrimination. Recent polls suggest that Ayotte would lose to Shaheen by about 5 percentage points.

On the subject of losing candidates, some have suggested that Shaheen’s 2014 opponent Scott Brown could run again. Brown is your typical “log cabin Republican” which basically just means he’s homophobic but occasionally votes for something pro LGBT because he lives in a blue state and his political career can’t withstand him being a a complete shithead, so he just decides to go halfway.

For clarity’s sake, Brown was one of those types who has been constantly saying that gay people can’t be married but can instead be buttbudies in a civil union. He has opposed the legalization of medical marijuana in New Hampshire and voted against the Dream Act as well.

Or if the Republicans want to reach as deep into the septic tank as possible, they could nominate State Representative Al Baldasaro who has been one of the most vicious  homophobes in New Hampshire, accused female state representative of wanting “to turn our family beaches into a pervert show” for supporting public breastfeeding, and got investigated by the FBI because he called for Hillary Clinton’s execution. Or alternatively they could go with former New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brian who advocated for voter suppression because college students vote liberal and compared Obamacare to the Fugitive Slave Act.

Update: Al Baldasaro has declined to run. Bill O’Brian is running.

Or it could be one of the other four nobodies that don’t even have Wikipedia articles. It won’t be though. Either way they aren’t going to beat Shaheen. According to Shaheen’s campaign emails, the GOP’s strategy is to dump a fuckton of money into attack ads against Shaheen and that they are spending more against her than every other incumbent Democrat combined (although I couldn’t find an article that sources it, so I have no clue if it is accurate or not), but even if it works, it just means that they’ve spent a lot less on helping all the other Republican candidates win. I mean for fucks sake, it would make more sense to go after Gary Peters than Shaheen, but I’m not opposed to GOP incompetence… at least when it comes to winning elections that is.

If things continue the way they have in 2018, then we can expect about 311,242 to vote Democrat and about 248,986 to vote Republican. This amount is consistent with Shaheen’s 2014 win but not with Maggie Hassan’s 2016 win (a much smaller gap) or with Chris Sununu’s 2018 win (probably because Sununu is immensely superior to any other potential Republican candidate in this state). The odds favor Shaheen but only if you all remember to show up and vote for her.

New Jersey

Cory Booker
Incumbent: Cory Booker (Democratic)

Most of you probably know Cory Booker as that one boring Presidential candidate who seems to keep getting coverage despite the fact that no one wants to vote for him… oh wait that’s most of them. Yeah Cory isn’t my first choice for President, but he’s a decent liberal Senator. I dunno, I’m just trying to find ways of dancing around the fact that I’m too far to the left to muster much for anything beyond “he’s not a Republican.”

And we know he’s not going to get the nomination so he’s just going to run for re-reelection when he inevitably drops out of the race.  And we also know that he’s easily going to win re-election. I mean for fucks sake, Bob Menendez’s approval rating is so low it rivals only that of Mitch McConnell’s yet he managed to win re-election in 2018. If he could manage it then Cory Booker definitely can.

Thus far Cory has two declared opponents. The first is Tricia Flanagan, who ran as an independent against Menendez in 2018 and managed 0.51% of the vote. Considering that she ran as a Trump supporter in a state that hasn’t seen a Republican win election to the Senate since the 70s, it’s no wonder she flopped. This time she is deciding to run as a Republican because she’ll stand even less of a chance than she already does otherwise. For those wondering about her policies, it’s basically just “no taxes” and “Obamacare bad!”

The other candidate is Hirsh Singh and he’s just as pathetic. His claim to fame is managing less than 10% of the vote in the 2017 Gubernatorial Primary, and losing the primary for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. His criticism of Cory Booker literally amounts to “WHY U NO LET TRUMP DO WHAT WANT REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Update: Cory Booker has a primary challenger in the form of Lisa McCormick, who is far more deserving of the position.

Anyway it is telling how the the best shot Republicans have of taking Cory Booker’s seat is with Matt Rooney, a fucking blogger!!! Does this mean I have a shot at unseating Pat Toomey in 2022? At most, he’d be an interesting candidate, but he wouldn’t win. Really I didn’t even bother looking at his beliefs but I don’t need nor do I want to.

If things go the way they did in 2018, then we can expect about 1,856,819 people to vote Democrat and about 1,198,664 to vote Republican. This margin is consistent with Bob Menendez’s win in 2018, with Phil Murphy’s win in 2017, and with Cory Booker’s 2014 win. So it looks like we won’t need to worry about losing a New Jersey Senate seat any time soon.

New Mexico

Tom Udall
Incumbent: Tom Udall (Democratic)

New Mexico is a fairly blue state, and I don’t see that changing in the future. 2018 saw a Democratic Senator get re-elected and had a Republican Governor voted out of office so there isn’t much reason for one to assume 2020 will go any differently. The two term incumbent Tom Udall is retiring in 2020… don’t worry, he’s not running for President… so that means it is an open seat.

There are currently three declared Democratic candidates, and three are looking pretty good. The first of these is television host and 2016 state legislature candidate Giovanni Alexander Haqani. I don’t have anything against him from what I have seen, but there is no way he is going to win over the other two.

Update: Giovanni has withdrawn from the race and has endorsed Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

I admit that I’m actually undecided as to whether I prefer US Representative Ben Ray Luján, or New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. My instincts push me in the direction of Oliver because her campaign seems to echo anti establishment principals and also because she’s a woman and New Mexico has not elected a female to the US Senate yet. But at the same time, Luján has a pretty solid record policy wise. Both of them have expressed support for the Green New Deal and that’s about as far left as American politics will allow you to go so I think they are both ideal candidates.

Other potential candidates include Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales, former United States Department of Agriculture regional director Terry Brunner, Bernalillo County district attorney Raúl Torrez, New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf, and State Senators Pete Campos, Joe Cervantes, Jacob Candelaria. and Jeff Steinborn.

The only declared Republican candidate thus far is former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Economic Development at the Bureau of Indian Affairs Gavin Clarkson. Clarkson is also notable for losing two separate races in 2018, those being the election to New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District and the race for New Mexico Secretary of State, but like Most Republicans he can’t seem to take a hint.

Right from his announcement report you can tell that Gavin Clarkson is a real douche… well you can actually tell it from his appearance that screams “redneck wife beater” but his policies aren’t so far off either.

I want to be a champion for those whose voices are not heard in the halls of Congress—for the legal immigrants, like my wife, who followed the rules, for the victims of illegal immigrant crime, for the struggling farmers and ranchers in our rural areas, particularly those living along our unprotected border

This is what I really hate about Republicans, how one second they will claim to be a voice for those that are unheard and not a second later will start scaremongering about all the evil brown people hopping the border to dirk err jerbs! It is amazing how regardless of how scummy the right gets, they always think they are the victims. His campaign page is also trite boomer wank fuel. Get a load of this quote for instance.

His father started out as an orphaned Native American kid during the Dust Bowl days of the Great Depression who had to dig through garbage cans for food. Nevertheless, his father would always say he was broke and not poor because “Poor is a state of mind. Broke is a temporary insufficiency of cash flow.”

No really, he just pulled the “poor is a state of mind” on the fucking GREAT DEPRESSION!!! I can just picture his dad taking a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy groceries and saying “see son, being poor is just a state of mind. You can always get out of it if ya just pull yerself up be yer bootstrahps!” The lengths that right wingers will go to deny any sort of assistance or compassion to the poor will never cease to amaze and disgust me.

But Gavin Clarkson is far from the only contender here. There are a few people who have better claims to fame. The nominee could be former Governor Susana Martinez who expressed an opposition to same sex marriage and said she’d support an amendment to ban same sex marriage, vetoed a bill to help trans people amend their birth certificate more easily, is a climate change denier, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood.

It could also be former US Representative and former Senatorial and Gubernatorial nominee Steve Pearce who supported the conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the US, is a climate change denier, wrote a book that said wives should submit to their husbands, Voted against prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation and to constitutionally ban Same Sex marriage, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood.

Or it could be 2018 Senatorial nominee and ANOTHER FUCKING BUSINESSMAN Mick Rich who wants to defund Planned Parenthood and was suspiciously silent on LGBT issues during his campaign. Or it could be State Senator Mark Moores who voted against prohibiting public shaming of students who can’t afford lunch, voted against decriminalizing cannabis, and against increasing minimum wage. Or it could be New Mexico House Minority Leader Nate Gentry who voted against banning coyote-killing contests and increasing minimum wage.

Update: Mick Rich is running again.

Or it could be State Representative Kelly Farardo voted against decriminalizing abortion, against authorizing the sale of recreational marijuana, against banning coyote-killing contests, and against an agreement to elect the POTUS through the popular vote so that they can have more Bush and Trump Republicans as President,

Or it could be former State Representative and 2018 Congressional nominee Yvette Herrell who voted against banning conversion therapy, against banning corporal punishment in schools, against banning coyote-killing contests, against authorized extended absences for pregnant teens, against reducing penalties for position of marijuana so they can keep putting black people behind bars, and against increasing the minimum wage. Oh Goddess I hope it’s not her.

Update: Yvette Herrell is not running, thank Goddess!

Or it could be one of the other few who I can’t find much information on but definitely did something stupid because Republicans always do that. Get it, it’s because Republicans are bad people! *Sigh* Please don’t vote Republican.

If things go the same way they did in 2018 then we can expect about 404,026 to vote Democrat and about 264,701 to vote Republican. This is consistent with the Gubernatorial and Senatorial races in 2018 although Republican numbers were a little bit higher. Hopefully things stay this way in 2020.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis
Incumbent: Thom Tillis (Republican)

And we have reached North Carolina, home of another one of the country’s most vulnerable Republican Senators. Thom Tillis currently has one of the lowest approval ratings in the Senate and has the 4th lowest net approval rating out of any Senator up for re-election, with only Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, and Mitch McConnell having lower ratings.

On top of this, North Carolina had a Republican Governor lose re-election in 2016, the same year that Trump won the Presidential re-election. IE a damn shitty year for Democrats. In that same year, the incumbent Republican Senator barely won re-election because he didn’t have the baggage of being associated with an infamously transphobic bathroom bill that cost the state billions of dollars due to backlash (although that doesn’t mean Richard Burr is any better than McCrory was). We also have the fact that there is a pretty good chance that a Democrat can flip an R+8 District in a Special House Election later this year.

So the question is, how bad is Thom Tillis? We can start with the fact that he voted with President Pussygrabber 93.7% of the time and voted in favor of all 22 of his cabinet nominees. It kinda goes without saying at this point since you can count the amount of Republican Senators who don’t suck up to Trump can be counted on one hand, but let’s take a a deeper look.

Similarly to Ben Sasse but worse, Tillis will occasionally criticize Trump but will only do so with words. One example includes him criticizing Trump declaring a National Emergency to build his racist wall, only for him to later vote in favor of said declaration. Note that this also comes when he actually had a fairly decent record on immigration prior.

Also similarly to Ben Sasse, his voting record is fucking horrible. I’ll cover them in chronological order.

So that is why Thom Tillis isn’t doing well in the polls, along with the fact that he has flip flopped on positions more than a pair of sandals. It is worth noting that Thom Tillis does have a high profile challenger in the primary, and that person is Garland Tucker. Tillis has derided Tucker as an “anti Trump activist” because that is somehow a bad thing when you are a bigoted old white guy.

Does anyone else think it’s fucking idiot that Republicans primaries have turned into dick measuring competitions into how much they support Trump despite the fact that damn near every major political figure hated him in the 2016 Primaries? Do you really think we have such shortsighted view of what happened only three years ago? The truth about Tucker’s beliefs is that he has a “nuanced” perspective on Trump, and by “nuanced” I mean he supported every other bigoted old white guy over him because they knew how to hide their bigotry and stupidity better. Also Garland Tucker is another fucking CEO with no prior political experience so he can fuck off as well.

Thus far the only declared Democratic candidate with any serious credentials is State Senator Erica D. Smith. Erica has a pretty strong platform given that she is pro LGBT, supports the DREAM Act, supports legalizing cannabis, reducing sentences for non violent drug offenders, automatic voter registration, and combating climate change. She hits all the major notes and is a woman of color so it looks like she has a strong campaign. This is likely why a recent poll had her with a 7% lead over Tillis, but that could also be chalked up to Tillis’s low approval rating.

Former State Senator Eric Mansfield has also former an exploratory committee. Someone who literally decided not to show up when the North Carolina Senate was voting on a same sex marriage ban. I’m sure he’s very reliable. Other potential candidates include former State Treasurer Janet Cowell, other former State Treasurer Richard Moore, former president of the University of North Carolina system Thomas W. Ross, former State Representative and 2016 US Senate nominee Deborah K. Ross, 2018 Congressional nominee Dan McCready, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, State Senators Cal Cunningham and Jeff Jackson, and State Representatives Rachel Hunt and Brian Turner.

Update: Cal Cunningham is running. Mecklenburg County Commissioner Trevor Fuller and 2009 Durham Mayoral Candidate Steven Williams are running as well. Eric Mansfield & Jeff Jackson have dropped out of the race.

Based on how 2018 went, we can expect about 1,875,671 people to vote Republican and about 1,884,206 to vote Democrat if things go the same way as in 2018, so it will be a pretty close race with a slight Democratic advantage if true. This is consistent with Roy Cooper’s 2016 victory but not with Richard Burr’s. Let us hope that things go in our favor.


Jim Inhofe
Incumbent: Jim Inhofe (Republican)

Oklahoma is the 2nd reddest state in the country in that it has an R+20 partisan index rating. So yeah, it’s a total shithole. To sum up how fucked up things are in this state, its incumbent Governor Kevin Stitt is an anti-vaxxer, and he was elected in 2018! The incumbent Senator who is up for re-election is Jim Inhofe, and he’s a real piece of shit as well.

Jim Inhofe has had four terms in the Senate and he is currently 84, so it is entirely possible that he may decide to retire in 2020. Nonetheless I will still go over everything he did just in case he doesn’t, because he’s pretty fucking bad. He has also been around forever and has had a seat in the US Congress for almost 30 years now. As such, he’s done a lot to fuck up this country.

Jim Inhofe Snowball
I’d make a caption, but this image writes a caption for itself.

Jim Inhofe is perhaps most known for his climate change denialism, and how he literally brought a snowball onto the Senate floor and cited it as proof that global warming isn’t real. Him being a dumbass is not all there is to Inhofe though, he’s also a very angry and loud dumbass who has compared the EPA to the Gestapo and an international body of climate change scientists to a Soviet Union kangaroo court. He also once said that global warming is “the second-largest hoax ever played on the American people, after the separation of church and state.” But perhaps the moment that most sums up the absurdity of Jim Inhofe’s existence is when he cited The Bible as proof climate change is not real. Predictably as fuck, Jim Inhofe has also received over half a million dollars from oil and coal companies.

Rather than refuting any of these points, I’d just like to point out this is another usage of the common alt right tactic “control the conversation,” as I talked about in the first part of this series. He is purposefully using the claim that separation of church and state is a hoax as bait to keep people from focusing the initial topic. This is how Jim Inhofe campaigns; he keeps making insane stupid claim after insane stupid claim in order to frame the narrative in his own terms.

A lot of people may recognize this as the exact same strategy of President Pussygrabber himself. The only difference here is that Inhofe has literally been using this strategy since the 90s and has been winning elections since then. Inhofe genuinely feels like a cartoon supervillain of a Republican politician. Mitch McConnell may have done the most damage to this country, but almost no one can beat Inhofe in terms of sheer unlikability (although Ted Cruz comes close).

In regards to LGBT rights, all one needs to say about Inhofe is that he is linked to creation and ratification of Uganda’s anti gay law that punishes homosexuality with life imprisonment. Also worth mentioning that he literally ran an ad accusing his 2008 opponent Andrew Rice of being gay. So one can obviously infer that he has voted in favor of every anti gay bill ever since he took office.

On the subject of immigration, Inhofe is known for having written an amendment to require new citizens to take an English proficiency test so he can keep those damn brown people away from our borders, and also for blaming “the culture of sanctuary cities” for the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. And also he voted in favor of Trump’s national emergency for his racist wall.

If one for some reason doesn’t think he’s also a sexist old fuckhead, he has voted against the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act and he has voted against the paycheck fairness act THREE TIMES!!!! He also voted against reauthorizing the Violence against women act, voted to defund Planned Parenthood, voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and voted against sex ed about teen pregnancy.

One can also see the way the rest of his voting record has gone as well. If it is a minimum wage increase, he votes against it. If it is relief for a major disaster, he votes against it unless it’s for Oklahoma. If it is for Obamacare then he votes against it. If it’s for net neutrality then he votes against it.

As a previously mentioned, there is a chance that Inhofe may retire in 2020. If that happens, the most likely candidate will be former EPA Administrator and former Oklahoma Attorney General Scot Pruitt. Following in Inhofe’s footsteps, Pruitt is also a climate change denier who was appointed to his position as head of the EPA because Trump is also a climate change denying jackass.

Pruitt’s term as administrator of the EPA was little over a year before he resigned due to frequent scandals involving unauthorized spending and use of tax payer’s money and firing or demoting those who expressed concern of his illegal activity. If his scandals aren’t enough to let you know he’s a scumbag, he is also an evolution denier, has been cited as the most homophobic member of Trump’s cabinet full of homophobes, and pushed more than one piece of legislation that required women to get the father’s permission to have an abortion.

What this means is that the Democrat who runs for Oklahoma’s Senate seat in 2020 will be running against either the world’s oldest internet troll or someone who is primarily associated with scandals and corruption. In just about any other state this would mean certain victory for the Democrats, but not in Oklahoma. There may be some hope though. 2018 saw a Democrat win a US House seat in Oklahoma that previously did not have a Democrat win in 44 years.

Unfortunately it is still highly unlikely that a Democrat will win Oklahoma unless the Republican nominee gets outed as a pedophile or they run a VERY good candidate. Also whether or not Bernie Sanders gets the nomination may effect Democratic turnout given that Bernie won Oklahoma in the 2016 Primary, but it likely won’t be enough on its own. So the question is whether or not there is someone capable enough to do the job?

Thus far there are no declared Democratic candidates, but there have been a few that have been cited as possible contenders. The first of these is former Oklahoma Governor Bred Henry.  Similarly to Arkansas’s Mike Bebee, Brad Henry was a Democratic Governor of Oklahoma who maintained consistently high approval ratings and won re-election in 2006 with 66% of the vote. Unfortunately, as is also the case with Bebee, there isn’t any sign that he has any interest in running and he previously refused to run in 2014.

Other prospects exist in some of the rising stars within the Oklahoma Democratic party, some of which include Oklahoma House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, Oklahoma House Rep Cyndi Munson, State Senator J.J. Dossett, and the previously mentioned Kendra Horn. The best contender would likely be J.J. Dossett who won in a district that favored Trump at a rate of 68-26, so he’d likely be the best option in a State as red as Oklahoma.

Update: 2016 Senate nominee Mike Workman has announced that he is running again, as has political science professor Dylan Billings, who is my preferred hopeful.

Unfortunately we’d pretty much need the planets to align in just the right way in order to take Oklahoma. If things go the same way as in 2018, we can expect about 730,531 people to vote Republican and 428,452 to vote Democrat. This margin is consistent with the last two Senatorial elections in Oklahoma, but the previous two Gubernatorial elections have been closer.


Jeff Merkley
Incumbent: Jeff Merkley (Democratic)

Oregon is a fairly blue state that has two of the most progressive Senators in the country. The first of these is Ron Wyden who is noteworthy for being the only Democratic Senator to vote against SESTA/FOSTA. The other is Jeff Merkley who is up for re-election in 2020. While Merkley wasn’t woke enough to vote against SESTA/FOSTA, just reading about his record gives me a good impression. From drawing attention to the inhumane treatment of immigrants, to staging a 15 hour protest over the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, one can easily tell that Merkley is taking his job seriously.

On top of this, he’s one of the only major Democratic figures who isn’t chasing a self indulgent Presidential campaign so that wins him some points, though it’s sad that “takes their work seriously” is such a low bar that many still decide it’s easier to limbo under. Given the partisan leaning of this state it is no wonder that there hasn’t even been any speculation as to who the Republican nominee will be by any major sources. As a result, these selections are simply me looking at who is remotely popular and Republican in Oregon.

It could be Ron Wyden’s 2016 opponent Mark Callahan, a perennial candidate who is also a homophobe, a climate change denier, and racist who wants to strip 32 million people of their health care. Or it can be 2018 gubernatorial nominee Knute Buehler who voted against increasing minimum wage, against establishing automatic voter registration, against prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants for no reason, and was rated 0% by the Oregon Public Employees Union.

Or it could be US Representative Greg Walden who voted to prevent states from recognizing same sex marriage, voted against adding LGBT people to people protected by hate crime laws, voted against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, voted in favor of Trump’s military ban on trans people, Voted against banning the use of federal funds for discrimination against LGBT people, voted against multiple equal pay bills, voted to defund Planned Parenthood, voted to strip 32 million people of their healthcare, and voted against reinstating net neutrality.

Update: 2016 and 2018 congressional candidate Paul Romero is running. Knute Buehler has declined to run.

Honestly it kinda feels like I’m kicking Oregon Republicans while they are down, because it is not as if any of them have a chance either way. Both Merkley and Ron Wyden won their previous races with 57% of the vote in the middle of a red wave. That translates to even less of a chance in 2020. If things proceed the way they did in 2018 then we can expect about 1,061,412 to vote Democrat and 702,531 to vote Republican.

Rhode Island

Jack Reed
Incumbent: Jack Reed (Democratic)

Rhode Island is the 7th bluest state in the country behind New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Vermont, and Hawaii. Democratic Senator Jack Reed is up for re-election in 2020, and there likely is no cause for concern. Jack Reed has a decent record on progressive causes such as having voted against the war in Iraq, and against the Hyde amendment when they were first introduced. However, he also voted in favor of DOMA and later voted in favor of SESTA/FOSTA so he’s pretty much just a standard liberal.

Considering that Jack Reed won against his 2014 opponent with over 70% of the vote, it is safe to say that there aren’t many Republicans who pose much of a threat. Similarly to the last entry, I can’t even find any major sources listing a potential Republican opponent for Reed. So I’m basically just throwing out ides.

The Republican nominee could be Sheldon Whitehouse’s 2018 opponent Robert Flanders who supports Trump’s racist wall and people being arrested for smoking a joint. Or it could be 2014 and 2018 gubernatorial nominee Allan Fung who claims to be a moderate yet supports Donald Trump and would have brought his policies to Rhode Island if he won. But truth be told, it seems like most Republican candidates are rather tame compared to other states.

Update: Allan Fung is running, as is former Rhode Island House Minority Leader and 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Patricia Morgan.

That usually seems to be the case with Republicans running in blue states. As individuals they usually seem like decent people, but they will always let some aspect of the GOP agenda through. As such, they almost always end up as inferior choices to any Democrat from their own state.

If things go the same way as in 2018 then we can expect about 242,575 people to vote Democrat and about 129,838 to vote Republican. This rate is consistent with Sheldon Whitehouse’s 2018 victory but there was a thinner margin in the gubernatorial race. Hopefully things proceed the same way in 2018.

And that is another part that has been completed. I am now 80% done with this side project of mine, but there likely will be future pieces in a similar vein. I do plan to talk about the 2020 Gubernatorial races as well, an would also like to do something about the US House Elections in 2020, but it would be way too difficult to cover every race so I will need to see what I can do. Anyway see you all next time!

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