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Site Progress & Personal Update: March 2019

Last month I have been trying pretty hard to reach the level of productivity that I’ve previously held on this site. While I definitely got a bit more stuff out than in January, it is also low compared to before that. I will chalk this up to being busier with more stuff and due to getting hit with more than a few hardships during the month of February.

Among these hardships include relapsing into my depression over my ex girlfriend because my current one hasn’t had as much time to see me in person and having my remaining two Twitter accounts suspended and thus cutting me off from a major community I was a part of for five years. I still have a Mastadon account but it’s difficult to get as passionate about that site since I’ve gotten to know many users over the past five years. This basically means I’ve spent most of my time in my Discord server retreated from public view.But perhaps the worst to happen is that I recently discovered that a member of my aforementioned server who I was very close with has been engaging in very sexually coercive and manipulative behaviors with many of the other members of the group behind my back. I needed to ban her for something unrelated before discovering this but hearing what she did was so heartbreaking since I genuinely loved her.

Anyway here is last month’s article recap

Quick Review: LOVE (PC/Switch/Ouya)

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line (NES/MSX/SNES/GBC/Mobile/3DS/PS4): A JRPG Codifier (Detailed Review)

Impressions & Commentary: She Dreams Elsewhere Demo

Quick Review – Dress to Play: Cute Witches! (3DS)

Standard Review: eXceed – Gun Bullet Children (PC)

It has occurred to me just now that this month’s input is actually LESS than last month if going by word count or the amount of non pre-written content. Three of the five pieces written were older reviews of mine that were touched up. I assure you that this is because I was very busy with other matters as opposed to January where I was heavily burned out. I do think that I’m past the worst of things though and should return to my regular schedule soon, although progress may be a bit slow due to a few things I’ve been working on. I figure I may as well share some of them here.

The first of these is another political piece in the same vain as my 2018 Midterm piece. This piece is meant to look at the history of LGBT legislation in the United States and more specifically, its most recurring opponents. This process involves a lot of independent research on my part due to finding the voting records while also drawing special attention to those who are still in office.

The other announcement is one that those who follow me for when I ramble endlessly about video games and not trans rights. I’ve kept this secret for a while now but I would like to announce that I am officially working as the script editor for Igrasil Studio’s Bloody Chronicles. Specifically I am working on the script for its upcoming Christmas themed DLC episode but they have also expressed interest in hiring me for the full project.

I must say that I am thrilled to work on this project because this marks the first paid job I have had in any area of game development. I can also say that from what I have seen of the script that this looks like a very promising game so I am very happy that I can help make it available to a wider audience. The downside is that it means I need to divide my time between the script, this blog, and any other projects I had so I may not have as much time as before.

As for my upcoming blog content, I currently have reviews for Banjo-Kazooie, (Mario) The Music Box – ARC, and Luigi’s Mansion that I plan to work on, and am also playing through Nekopara Extra for review purposes. I will keep my mouth shut in regards to other future projects because they are frequently subject to change.

Anyway it is now time for patron shout outs, and I’d like to give special thanks to my older sister Kelly Gallagher (or someone who happens to share the same name as her who also just created a Patreon account last month at least) for pledging. I would also like to thank the rest of my patrons; Alex Silvey, Alice Frances Timawa, Allison, Beverley Martin, bluedesolation, Cesar Zamudio, IceTheRetroKid, Jennifer Hogueison, Meiastra, Molly, Rinnie S, and Tammy Solomon.

Anyway it is said that it is always darkest before dawn, and the last month was especially dark for me so hopefully that means I can look forward to a new dawn. I don’t know what’s so special about dawn but at least it won’t be as dark and I can see things now. Anyway if you enjoy my work and would like to support me on Patreon than you to can have your name listed at the end of an article each month with a bunch of people no one else knows about. Also you get some other stuff I guess. Also if you’d like to chat with me and my peeps then you can feel free to stop over by the Guardian Acorn Discord server.

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