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Site progress and Personal Update: January 2019 (New Years Edition)

When I started this blog, I intended it as being for little more other than myself. That much has changed as of late given my recent focus on politics. A lot of what I talk about will likely pertain to my 2018 Midterm piece considering just how much of my time spent in the last few weeks was directed towards this piece. It is because of this that the piece you are reading right now did not come out until later; because I needed to take a break.

Admittedly there are a few complications in regards to proceeding with #PinkTsunami. When I finished with that piece I was VERY fired up and ready to take on the world practically. It’s tough to keep channeling pure passion after a rather intense session of burnout but as I’ve said, I do in fact plan to be much more involved in politics. I’m not going to quite writing about games of course but I do plan for there to be a more even split as opposed to one political piece every few months while everything is game reviews.

I should note that I have not started having my midterm piece advertised yet but I likely will soon. Anyway here is last month’s article recap.

Euphoria: A Feminist Analysis – Sadistic Torture Porn, Or Brutal Allegory? (NSFW)

Misao: Definitive Edition (PC): A Poor Man’s Corpse Party (Detailed Review)

Dear Esther (PC/PS4/XONE): Vague Incomprehensible Nonsense (Standard Review)

Duke Nukem Forever (PC/PS3/360): A Product of Before Its Time (Detailed Review)

Poem #96: Blood Letting

Poem #97: The Ultimate Price

Poem #98: For War

Quick Review: Always The Same Blue Sky (PC)

Has it Held up? – Metroid (NES) (Standard Review)

Quick Review: Mad Father (PC)

One may notice that the output is fairly low compared to what I usually post. The reason for this is because a lot of the time was spent working on that Midterm piece. The length came in at 28,000+ words. That is over half the length of The Great Gatsby for comparison’s sake, and I did not know this as I was writing the piece. Additionally I should add that my Euphoria Feminist Analysis was 12,000+ words and was the longest thing I’ve ever written prior. It was also a piece that I worked on for over a year but about 40% of it was done the month prior. With so many long ass pieces it meant that there would be a decreased amount and that  the rest would be shorter. I also tried to get back into the swing of poetry writing but I find it will just be too difficult to focus on so many things at once.

And then there is what I said I would do at the end of that Midterm piece. Yes I do plan to message every member of the 116th US Congress. I know that’s not what I said in the piece but I will clarify that it’s what I meant to say. I know for sure it is unlikely for me to get to every house member within the two years they are in office so that is why my plan is to message the ones who have the least likely chance of re-election first. I decided the best way to go about it would be by vote percentage so I am starting with those that won with less than 50%. Those are Cindy Axne (D), Steve Watkins (R), Jared Golden (D), and Will Hurd (R). There is also Mark Harris (R) whose victory has not been certified yet and the seat is left in limbo. As of this writing I have messaged Cindy Axne and Steve Watkins.

(Update: I have abandoned this side project of emailing congresspeople as I feel there are more productive ways to spend my time and I just have too much on my plate.)

Anyway this IS a gaming blog as well so I would like to talk about some of my upcoming pieces. In particular I do have reviews for the first two Dragon Quest titles planned and I also would like to work on the other games that I have mentioned in the past. I don’t plan to give away what games though considering just how many potential games to cover there are. My reviews of Katawa Shoujo and Bayonetta will be pushed back considering two of my patrons canceled their pledge and brought my total down below $50 a month which was the goal.

Also I will say that the last month has been very special to me as well considering that my current relationship is going very well. I’m not going to publicize this relationship too much though considering publicizing my last one came back to us both in the ass. I can say that I’m no longer a virgin and that being able to get out of the house and spend time with someone I love in person has done wonders for my mental health, although I do still chalk most of the improvement due to reading Feeling Good by David D. Burns. Seriously, if anyone is struggling with depression or poor mental health then it is STRONGLY recommended that you give it a read. My condition has improved immensely from reading it and I haven’t even finished the thing. And no this isn’t some cheap Jordan Peterson esque self help schlock, the shit actually works! It can be downloaded for free here.

Anyway it is time for Patron shoutouts.

Special thanks to Tammy, Rinnie S, Molly, Meiastra, IceTheRetroKid, Cesar Zamudio, Beverley Martin, bluedesolation, Alice Frances Timawa, Alex Silvey,  and Allison. Thank you all so much for your support, it really means the world to me and I am hopeful that I can make it worthwhile.

Anyway I’m going to continue to push on as strongly as ever. I’m not entirely certain what the future holds but I know for certain that I hold the future. Happy belated New Year everyone, let’s make it a good one!

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