A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Three – Dysmorphia (Erotica)

Note: This story is a work of erotica that is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18 or their respective country’s legal age. Also a MAJOR CW for gender dysphoria and transphobia.

Gretchen awoke in darkness. She could not see a thing and her arms were bound tightly behind her back and her legs were frozen solid. She can only vaguely remember what happened before she passed out. The more she remembered, the more hairs on the back of her head stood on end from sheer terror. She tried her hardest to scream for help but she could not emit any sounds from her mouth no matter how hard she tried. If she had any way of perceiving her own body, she’d be in tears right now.

As she waited in nothing but complete darkness, she started to remember what happened more clearly. She remembers that a man in a mini-skirt tried to rape her and kill her… no wait, was that what really happened? No wait, she was the man in the mini-skirt that tried to kill her. But wait, wasn’t she a woman? What’s going on here?! What is going on with her mind?!

Gretchen then saw a bright light that began to grow more and more until it completely consumed his vision. Then Gretchen proceeded to open his eyes and saw the room around him. He can move his arms and legs and can even speak now, but there’s still something wrong. His arms and legs felt heavier yet his chest was lighter. He noticed that there is hair on his chin… and his arms, and his legs, and his chest. “My body! W-what happened to it!” he yelled out realizing that his voice had deepened.

“My my big boy, you sound like you’ve never experienced male puberty before” says a taunting female voice out of view of Gretchen’s field of vision. “The way you and the oafish brute ah whatsherface… Marian? The way you tried to have your way with that cute innocent girl, it’s sickening. So I figured I’d give you a form more fitting for your grotesque actions. Take a a good hard look at yourself.”

Gretchen looks at his large grotesque body. His stature has increased a whole two feet and the width of his arms was broadened significantly. There was also hair all over him including a full scratchy beard on his face. The true horror came when he looked between his legs though. There was a thick cylinder shaped mass of flesh with a mushroom shaped tip at the top, otherwise known as a penis; and a rather large one at that.

“My body, what have you done do me!” Gretchen bellowed out in shock! He was never one to care about his appearance before but suddenly he felt gross and sick.

“Don’t give me that look, Buffalo Bill. You were about to murder a trans woman in cold blood in full view of everyone, even going as far as to cut off this woman’s genitals. You can’t expect to get off with merely a slap on the ass.” The female voice says as she walks into view. She has long flowing blonde hair, an enormous chest, a slim figure, and she is dressed like a dominatrix. If you couldn’t have guessed by now, it was me. Of note is that I appeared before this neanderthal wearing no pants and a girl dick exposed.

The sight sent Gretchen into a seething rage, enough that he instantly charged towards me with the intent to kill. Unfortunately for him, he found that he couldn’t reach me due to the leash around his neck that had him chained to the wall. The ability to warp reality to your will comes in handy in these situations, although it’s not like he could hurt me even if he did get close.

“What the Hell is going on? What happened to my body and why am I here?” Gretchen growled back fiercely demanding an answer. “And what kind of sickening freak of nature are you supposed to be?”

I smirked back at the mass of flesh in front of me before replying, “Freak of nature? Oh no no no.” You see big boy, I AM nature itself. And let me tell you that Mother Nature is quite a bitch when you try to stand against her.”

The form in front of Gretchen embodied everything he ever hated. She looked like something out of a porno and she spoke with such arrogance and pomp. He just wants to strangle that little bastard so bad but can’t, so he merely bows his head.

“Awe, have you given up already? Is all that rage of yours suddenly gone or do I need to add more time to your punishment?” I replied mockingly in an attempt to further humiliate him. “I know what happened to you, and I empathize with you so I’ve decided to cut you a bargain. If you didn’t guess already, you’re dead.”

“And I presume this is Hell?” Gretchen asked solemnly, devoid of all hope and in a state of absolute fear.

“No no, that’s where your friend Miriam is though” I replied. “Normally such an atrocious act would get you sent to Hell, but I thought I would cut you a break. You get to go to Heaven where you live among your fellow women without any men around… ever. But the catch is that you will be sent there in this form. As you see the look of horror from others at your grotesque shape, maybe you will understand just what you put Alissa and many other poor unfortunate trans girls through. I assume that 65 million years will be enough to think about what you’ve done.”

A look of unfathomable horror fell upon Gretchen’s face as he turned pale white. “No… please don’t! I’m sorry! I promise I’ll never harm any trans women again.” Tears streamed down his face out of genuine sadness and… regret? No, it was still too early to tell.

“It’s too late for that hon, you should have realized this before you died. Well ideally before you killed anyone but the rule says I can’t give you any special treatment just because you suddenly had an epiphany right after being threatened with your punishment. Plus I don’t even have a reason to believe you genuinely changed. Just be happy with what you’ve got, plenty of sinners would have begged for your treatment.”

Gretchen’s tears intensify as he begins to plead profusely. “I really am sorry, I promise! I was scared, alright? I only wanted to protect my fellow women. I just wanted them to love me! I didn’t know, I swear! Please give me another chance, I swear I will do literally anything!”

I looked down at him pitiably. It is true that facing the consequences of one’s actions can sometimes scare some sense into people, but is there a reason to believe she genuinely changed? There is no way that this was instantaneous but maybe cutting the amount of time spent in this form can work. But a test is in order.

“Surely you would not make such an extreme statement without knowing how one of my type would take advantage of it, correct?” Gretchen replied by nodding his head.

“Very well then, you can start by licking it.” I said as I put my fem cock up to his lips. There was surprisingly little resistance as Gretchen drew his tongue along the tip. He was also quick to put my entire cock inside his mouth and begin sucking. I actually never told her to do that so I guess she can have her body back, although it was really just cause I found her original body cuter.

Gretchen took my entire dick into her mouth and pleasured every inch of it. There is something immensely satisfying about conditioning a bigot to crave girldick. Of course I am a Goddess and thus can possess whichever genitals I wish, but that just makes this all the more satisfying. After being sucked for a few minutes, my cock finally cums straight down her throat and she swallows it all, with no resistance. Gretchen then looks at herself and realizes that her body is back to normal, with the exception of having my signature brand mark on her pussy… I’ll tell you what that is later.

“Well done Gretchen, I didn’t think you would manage that” I said to Gretchen. If your change wasn’t genuine you would have kept your cursed form and vomited out my cum. If you did that then I would have just had you sent back down to Hell but you surprised me. I can’t tell you how many times I get pricks who try to fake an epiphany. Like seriously, do you really think you’re going to full someone who can read your mind?”

“Wait, you knew what I thought?” Gretchen replied as if she sounded exhausted.

“What part of Goddess do you not understand, little one?” I replied back with a sassy tone. That’s how I can tell if one is genuine. People can disguise their main senses, but they can’t hide their mind.”

I then scooped her up in my arms and carried her off with me to my domain, a garden sanctuary that is home to my love slaves who live at peace with each other and share a common fondness for me. I’m sure Gretchen will fit in perfectly well with them all, as will Andrea and Alissa soon enough.

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