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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Insincere

I’m not going to waste too much time on this one; Insincere SUCKS!!!

I know that this isn’t the most professional way to start a review but it’s not like anyone actually cares enough about this game to defend it except for maybe its developer… nah they probably don’t either. In all seriousness I know that this can sound cruel to developers who are genuinely invested in their games but just lack the resources or experience to make their games… ya know… good. But on the other hand, this game SUCKS!!!

Insincere can best be summed up as a painfully low budget indie FPS with dull level design and an uninteresting plot. Seriously, do I even need to say anything? Just watch this trailer. Does this genuinely entice anyone to play the game?

Things such as graphics I can let slide because I don’t look to indie titles on Steam to blow me away with photo realism, but let’s look at everything else. Not only is the voice acting totally phoned in, but the recording quality is of the level of an early 2010s Youtube lets player. Every line of dialogue sounds like it may as well have been lifted from another game and you learn nothing about the story or gameplay.

But anyway lets talk about the game itself since I played it… for some reason because it just happened to be in my Steam library for a reason i cannot even remember. Might have been part of a bundle or something. Anyway the story starts out with an AI who is definitely not SHODAN guiding the player character who has plot induced amnesia through a mysterious lab that has what appear to be mutants/aliens as well as masked mystery men that will shoot him on sight.

At first you are chasing after someone who looks like you for the sake of the plot. When you find him, he reveals that you are a clone of him and that he’s about to die. You then need to find someone else and OH WHO GIVES A SHIT??? Okay really that’s because I couldn’t bring myself to complete the game but also because oh my God who cares?

Life comes at you fast.

The dialogue is all forced and lacking in any of the emotion required for shits to be given. Every actor sounds bored out of their mind and the scenes are not the least bit convincing. The levels all look nearly identical and I’m pretty sure each of the sound effects are stock. Part of me is convinced that Insincere may have been a horrendous attempt at a horror game given how loud and piercing every enemy grunt it, but it’s not like it makes a difference anyway.

Gameplay wise, the game boasts 22 levels… but each level lasts maybe about 3 minutes. Given just how dull and not entertaining the game is that’s actually a good thing. I can barely think of any observation to make aside from the fact that each of the first 11 levels feel like what would normally be a small section of a level in a good game and that the game is mindlessly simplistic. I did not need to use any gun other than the weakest handgun you are given until about halfway through the game. For clarity’s sake you are given 4 additional guns by that point.

Unfortunately this is not a newly discovered Stanley Parable ending where Stanley goes on a mass shooting.

Things did get a little more challenging later but not more fun. If it wasn’t obvious enough already, there was absolutely nothing about Insincere that clicked with me. Right from the moment I started it up it was just unpleasant and unenjoyable. I will disclose that I am not the biggest fan of FPS titles but I don’t dislike them. Gynophobia was far from the most shining example of an indie FPS but I got some fun out of it. Insincere on the other hand makes Gynophobia look, well… sincere.

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  1. That really doesn’t sound all that fun and the promotional video isn’t doing a great job of selling it either. I don’t think I’ll be looking for the game any time soon.

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