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A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Two – Passionate Intimacy (Erotica)

Note: This story is a work of erotica that is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18 or their respective country’s legal age. Also TW for mentions of suicide and transphobia, but nowhere near the same level as the previous chapter.

Alissa laid on Andrea’s bed nervously yet happily. She had just been invited over to the house of this mysterious woman who saved her from two thugs who tried to kill her. Andrea sits down next to Alissa and puts her arm around her shoulder.

“I really hope you feel better now. It was horrible what those two thugs tried to do to you, though sadly not atypical” Andrea said to Alissa while attempting to calm her. “So what made you come to this territory? We don’t get many of your type around here. Most people in these parts are like those two bitches and will kill your kind on sight.” She then looked at Alissa directly and said with a smirk ” You got a lot of balls coming to a place like this dressed like that, both figuratively and literally.”

“I… was told to by a mysterious text message… it told me to wear what I did.” Alissa replied in a nervous and soft voice. “I knew It was dangerous and I was likely going to die, but I was planning to take my own life soon anyway so I wanted to wear these clothes in public at least once.” Alissa tried to make a follow up reply but was interrupted by Andrea clinging to her tightly with tears running down her eyes.

“Please don’t die Alissa… I know I just met you, but this stuff gets to me every time I hear it! My younger sister killed herself when she came out because our parents disowned her. I didn’t accept her, I just believed what my parents said and went along with it until it was too late. I can’t let that happen again!”

Alissa was surprised to see Andrea’s total 180 mood shift, but she felt comforted and loved; something she never felt before. She wrapped her arms around Andrea and held on to her tightly. They may have just met, but it’s clear this was the start of something special.

“I know I just met you, but I will always be here for you Alissa” Andrea stated with a stern look of determination. Alissa felt somewhat nervous. No one had ever loved her before, let alone declared that they will always be there for her. Andrea was a total stud, it makes no sense why she would be so attached to her in particular. Something felt strange about her, but she just wanted to bask in the warmth of a loving embrace for once so she said nothing.

“This place isn’t safe for you Alissa, but I will protect you and help you grow stronger.” Andrea stated as she looked into Alissa’s nervous eyes. “You can take as much time as you wish to do so, or you could stay a defenseless little damsel forever and I could pamper and spoil you for the rest of our lives. It’s a win win for me.”

Alissa felt her heart flutter once she heard that line. She would love to be cared for by Andrea for the rest of her life. Alissa asks, “Would that really be okay with you? To just live the rest of my life with you away from this Hellish existence of mine?” She thinks it sounds too good to be true but would jump at the chance to live like this.

“I’d be honored to, I will do anything and everything I can to please you” Andrea states as she tightly wraps her arms around Alissa and they lock their lips together. Despite Alissa being the taller one, Andrea’s strength still causes Alissa to fall over backwards onto the bed while carrying Andrea down on top of her. The two girls keep their lips firmly locked and their arms tightly wrapped around each other with no intention of letting go.

Andrea’s tongue explored the inside of Alissa’s mouth while wrapping itself around Alissa’s own tongue. The two intertwined in a beautiful display of erotic harmony. As Andrea’s tongue slowly slides away, she knelt upwards and pulled her panties down to show her dripping wet pussy.

“Look what you did to me. You made this mess and now you are going to lick it all up” Andrea states driven by pure carnal emotion. Alissa’s heart skips a beat as she hears Andrea’s lewd demand, then she opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out. Andrea lowers her pussy onto Alissa’s mouth and proceeds to rock her hips back and forth. She then wraps both thighs around the back of Alissa’s head and buries Alissa’s face into her coochie. Making sure Alissa at least has room to breath through her nose, Andrea is content with making sure Alissa can’t perceive anything other than her crotch with any of her five senses.

Alissa uses her tongue to lick up as much of Andrea’s love juice as she is able to. She can’t see much but she definitely enjoys exploring the insides of Andrea’s vaginal chambers with her tongue. She is overpowered by the strong scent of Andrea’s crotch and the taste of her sweat and vaginal fluids. All five of Alissa’s senses are overwhelmed with a feeling of heavenly bliss.

Andrea’s pussy starts to twitch from how well Alissa is licking her out and her clit begins to tingle. Before she can reach down to rub it herself, Alissa starts pressing her tongue over it repeatedly. Alissa alternates between pressing and sweeping motions with her tongue before she can stretch her lips up just enough to wrap them around her clit and begin sucking on it.

Andrea moans out in pure ecstasy as Alissa repeatedly sucks on her clit. Just as Alissa lets her lips sink back down, Andrea reaches orgasm and screams out in ecstasy as she sprays her ejaculate fluids all over Alissa’s face. Afterwards, Andrea loosens the grip of her legs around Alissa’s face as she falls backwards onto the bed. Both of them catch their breath and lay still for a short while. Alissa’s face is brighter than a perfectly ripe strawberry and is still covered in Andrea’s fluids. Andrea sits up and crawls over next to Alissa and begins whispering in her ear.

“Wow, you really are amazing Alissa. You certainly can’t let any of those bitches say you don’t know how to treat a woman. None of them could ever get me as hot as you just did you brilliant bitch you!”

Alissa’s face somehow blushes an even brighter red than before, something that shouldn’t have been possible. The same women that had saved her life had also taken her virginity, and that was a price Alissa was more than willing to pay. In fact, she wouldn’t mind being with Andrea forever after a showing like that. She then slept close to Andrea in her warm embrace, an embrace she never wanted to leave.

The Goddess, that’s me for those who don’t remember, watched the sexual encounter with quite the interest. After she was done masturbating to it, she… er I started to think about what I should do. It always hurts to see a romance like that fail but the unfortunate truth is that there is far more to love than just amazing sex and a feeling of comfort. These two girls are both beautiful treasures but something is bound to go wrong between them, and when that happens I will be there to swoop in and claim them both as my love slaves. And then everybody wins, but especially me.

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