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A Goddess’s Will: Chapter One – Getting Physical (Erotica)

Note: This story is a work of erotica that is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18 or their respective country’s legal age, although there is no sex in this first chapter. This chapter also contains depictions of transphobia and violence.

Alissa was nervous. She was a newly out trans girl out in public for the first time presenting as a woman. I sent her a text message telling her to meet me at the local lesbian bar dressed in heels, a miniskirt, and a thong. I told her not to worry if she “passes” or not, as I would ensure that nothing would happen. She didn’t “pass” very well by traditional standards. She shaved her entire body but you could still see beard shadow present on her face. Her miniskirt was too short and you could faintly see her dick if you got a good enough look.

That’s not to say she wasn’t pretty though. Her hair was a beautifully silky brown and the light blue mini skirt she picked out was gorgeous. She was extremely nervous, but I could easily tell it was out of fear she would be harassed or assaulted by some prick. Or she may be afraid I would say she looked like a man. I would never say that though.

I am actually a Goddess, and I actively seek out women who are willing to be my slaves… my love slaves that is. I actively look out for women who are insecure, depressed, or lonely.  They are the easiest to convince to abandon their lives and come live as my servants because they are not satisfied with their own. They are more than happy to live in a state of total bliss and euphoria where all their earthly troubles and worries are gone. No thought, no conflict, just pure erotic love and pleasure.

I have a special fondness for trans girls. They are so insecure and scared. Seeing the loving look in their eyes when I snuggle and spoil them like the true girls they are warms my heart so much. I just love seeing them enjoy themselves and feel safe in my arms, and even safer in my bedchamber. Alissa is one of many girls I offer a chance at freedom and liberation. I actively make an out of the ordinary move since these types of women are always more prone to take a chance when they have nothing to lose.

I waited out of sight in the corner where I could keep an eye on my new prey. As expected, I saw two older women dressed in flannel shirts approaching Alissa. Both of them had their hair in buns. One was short and wore glasses while the other was taller and chubbier. The short one looked kinda cute but the bigger one wasn’t really my type. Don’t tell them I said that because these types HATE when you make sexually charged comments about them, which just makes me want to do it more of course but I’ll stay out of it… for now that is.

The small one angrily walks up to Alissa and glares at her. “This bar is for women only” the small girl says to Alissa, who freezes up and tries to ignore her. This only provokes the short woman to be more aggressive in her approach, as she gets in Alissa’s face and says “that means perverted crossdressers like you aren’t allowed here, so beat it!” Alissa nervously replies “I’m a trans woman, I’m not a…” before she is interrupted by the small woman pushing her off her chair onto the ground, and then lifting her skirt up.

“Hey, look at this disgusting freak! Wearing such a short skirt and not even tucking his cock! Oh but sure, he’s definitely not a pervert. I say we should teach him a lesson, Miriam!”

I suddenly felt a bit bad about the request, but I also appreciate the upskirt shot. I figure I will take just a second to appreciate the view before I swoop in and rescue her. Miriam then proceeds to grab Alissa from behind and restrain her.

“She’s all yours, Gretchen,” replies Miriam as she holds back Alissa. Gretchen reaches for her purse and pulls out a switchblade. “If you want to be a woman so badly then let’s say we cut off the dick of yours” Gretchen whispers menacingly as she inches towards Alissa whose face is now pale white with fear. I decide that it is finally time to step in, but before I can react I hear a loud thump. I then see both Gretchen and Miriam laying out cold on the floor.

Standing above Alissa is a small yet muscular brown skinned woman with long flowing black hair and an exposed midriff. She is about 5 feet and 9 inches tall while Alissa was 6 ft 5 and Gretchen was a standard 5 feet. Alissa looks up at the one who saved her with anxiety. After such a close brush with death the poor girl just didn’t know how to react. Alissa slowly stands up with the help of her savoir and my kill stealer who then offers the tall trans girl her hand.

“Such disgusting thugs. Trying to murder a harmless angel like yourself. I saw the whole thing, you’re safe now” the strong black girl says to Alissa. “But that means you saw my…” Alissa begins to say nervously and awkwardly

“Yep, it’s a cute dick you got there” the black girl says teasingly as Alissa’s face turns bright crimson. “The name is Andrea, I’ll make sure no one bothers you from now on. So what’s your name cutie?”

“Uhhh, I’m Alissa… thank you so much for saving me,” Alissa replies in a soft and angelic voice. Andrea is then quick to make the move on her by grabbing her hand before she says “So do you want to come over to my place tonight? I’ll be sure to make sure it’s extra comfortable for you.”

Alissa almost instantly replies “yes I would love that!” as her face lies in disbelief that a woman so dashing and strong not only rescued her but is flirting with her as well. She easily decides to follow her hero home and likely into her bedroom as well. This night has not gone even close to how I planned it to, but I am curious about Andrea. It may be difficult to persuade one of her caliber to be my slave, but nothing is too difficult for a Goddess after all. I’m quite interested in seeing what happens with these girls.

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