Poem #58: I Hate You

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TW: Abuse, violence

Quiet you little cunt!

You don’t deserve your life!

Your existence inconveniences me plenty.

For that you draw nothing but my plentiful pity.

Like electricity blurring through me so prevalently apparently.

You mean nothing to us, but we mean everything to you!

You disobey me then you will have nothing to do!

I control you, I own you, you are my little bitch.

You will obey me or I will kill you in your sleep!

Don’t you look at me with those eyes? That scorn makes me want to puke!

I hate you so much, such endless seething narcissistic rage! You threaten my being with yours!!!

I can’t wait till you die then I will piss on your corpse and shit in your dead mouth!

I hate you beyond the bounds of envy, I wish to see you cry scream and beg for mercy, but never have it arrive.

I hate you... I hate you because…

You are me.

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