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Amazing VGM: Buccaneer Beach (Pac-Man World)

Yep, another “VGM from a game I just reviewed” piece here today. There isn’t really a set plan more so than reviewing a game just makes me remember its music so I have it stuck in my head later. I may not have enjoyed Pac-Man World 1, but there was definitely some finer points to it. I only briefly mentioned the music because most of the music didn’t stick out but I remember it being good. The obvious exception to this is the first level theme, “Buccaneer Beach.”

About half the tracks in Pac-Man World simply sought to rearrange the title theme to the original Pac-Man with different instruments. It was kinda clever the first few times but got old quickly. Meanwhile this theme is completely original (except for a portion that sounds like it was taken from “Up On the Housetop”… the Christmas song…) while still managing to be the most iconic song in the game. The bouncy synth definitely captures the fun vibe of the game in quite an addicting fashion.

That melody will be stuck in your head for ages and the arrangement is almost perfect. This is a prime example of a track that would just not be right played on real world instruments. Despite being a fun and enjoyable track to listen to, it still sounds like something that’s from a game… not that I have a problem with songs that don’t or anything.

But some of you may be curious about what this track sounds like on the GBA, and the answer is… the exact same except with a shit ton of compression.

This is why you shouldn’t play the GBA version…

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