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Amazing VGM: True Power of the Occult (Yandere Simulator)

It seems like Yandere Simulator is the popular thing to hate given how its developer has been… kind of a prick to some people. I have my own thoughts on YandereDev himself but I plan to save those for later. The thing is, it’s important to separate an artist from his art sometimes. Phil Fish has been a monumental douche in the public eye but I do still plan to give FEZ a chance at some point. I also know quite a few people who enjoy playing Minecraft despite the fact that Notch is a total shitlord (although it helps that he no longer owns the game and thus doesn’t profit off of it).

Also, let’s remember that there is more than just one person making most of these games. Yandere Simulator has had a lot of talented artists and creators who have volunteered to help with the game. It is also clear that Devpai has very high aspirations for the game… which only ensures that it will keep getting pushed back Duke Nukem Forever style but I can at the very least appreciate the passion that goes into it.

For those unaware, this is the track that plays in a free DLC released for Yandere Simulator meant to parody Undertale’s genocide route final boss. I have not played Yandere Simulator in full, kinda cause it’s developer hasn’t either, but I did play this brief fan game. I’ve actually beaten Sans twice since I’m a heartless sociopath but I can barely even reach the phase of the fight where this song plays. I’d blame it on the fact that there are no healing items and because, unlike in the actual Undertale, the moving platforms don’t carry your heart avatar while it’s on top of them. This results in the Sans fight becoming even more bullshit than in the original game, which is an accomplishment when the original fight attacked you in the fucking menus!

The first phase of the fight uses the the track “BAD TIME” which was pretty much as close to Megalovania as you can get without being Megalovania and is thus a solid track all on its own. The second phase uses “The True Power of the Occult,” a title giving me a “Battle Against a True Hero” vibe and thus continuing the Genocide route them. What is effective about this track is just how intimidating and dark it sounds. The use of the organ is one thing but with the chiptune synth also imitating Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor at points, you have a song that perfectly fits the true power of the occult.

she said it

While the melody isn’t particularly complex or original, it can easily get stuck in one’s head and it harmonizes wonderfully. There is this otherworldly air that is captured here and I could almost picture this working as a Chara battle theme. I should also mention that the art design with those hands and the sound effects are creepy as hell and thus amazing, although it may have been better if they didn’t steal the Lavos scream sound effect for her powering up.

While the shortened battle version is undoubtedly cool, I would like to point out that there is also an extended version that includes bits from the first cut of the track that is all the better for listening purposes. I am going to guess that the soft bits may have been intended to play in the first part in place of “BAD TIME” where Oka is trying to plead to Ayano chan to cease her attempts at being a creepy yandere psycho killer and Ayano decides “less talky more stabby.”

Anyway for those who like this track I would recommend checking out IRISHTRISH’s Youtube channel given that she has some very good work. It’s also the reason why I went for Youtube video links instead of embeds. Either way I am hoping that Yandere Simulator comes out well and that Yandere Dev is able to overcome any mental health issues he has (it’s quite clear there are a lot present) in order to complete this game. Regardless of what one thinks of him, there are a lot of people who would benefit him doing so; and his game does have some definite potential as well.

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