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Amazing VGM: Encounter of Destiny (Megadimension Neptunia VII)

Well would you look at that, Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is out now and I haven’t even reviewed the original version of it. I have no idea how much is changed from one version to the other but there is one thing that certainly doesn’t need to change; the music. I’ve already talked about the other two boss themes from this game, “Voltage” and “Fate.” Both of those are amazing boss tracks but they are mere noise compared to the glory that is “Encounter of Destiny.”

Do I even need to say anything here? I think it speaks for itself. Everything about this track screams “spectacle.” It plays during the game’s “giant battles,” a concept that this game definitely did not steal from Bowser’s Inside Story but if it did it did it a million times better. The aforementioned “giants” are known as dark CPUs, colossal titans driven by negative share energy and whose only purpose is to lay waste to all of Gamindustri… I cannot say that last word with a straight face even with this amazing music unfortunately.

There is such a tremendous build up to the dark CPU. It was built up as an unstoppable colossus that terrorized the ruins of Zero Dimension for years and that Uzume could never so much as lay a scratch on. In order to even fight the dark CPUs you needed a field of positive share energy that is so dense that it’s visible (it’s that blue mist background). Neptunia is usually a pretty silly series but when you fight these behemoths, it tells you straight up that it’s not fucking around anymore. The third time I heard this track in game was when playing as the CPU candidates against dark White, and despite the fact that there was a silly gag scene taking place in a peaceful looking plain in the cutscene before it, I still got goosebumps the second I heard those opening violins.

A track like this would normally be used as a final boss theme, and if the first fight against dark Purple was not so early in the game I would have assumed it WAS the final boss. This track is overwhelmingly powerful, intense, heroic, intimidating, harrowing, and kicks serious ass all at once. That bloody chorus speaks for itself but those drums are what really make this track. They give such a strong energy and sense of spectacle that can only be fit for a true battle of the Gods, and you don’t even need to spend half a movie watching people try their hardest to not piss off Beerus to enjoy it!

Every instrument of this piece fits so well. The blaring horns, the energetic guitars, and those fucking violins make this track not only badass, but it also captures the stakes put forth. This is another one of those tracks that has such an immense amount of versatility that it can work with just about any major action spectacle. This may be one of, if not the best non final boss themes I’ve ever heard in an RPG, or even game for that matter.

Well I have wanted to talk about this one for quite some time and I’m glad I finally got to. I should probably write that review now.

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