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Criminal Girls: Invite Only (PSP/Vita/PC) – A Hell of a Lot of Wasted Potential (Detailed Review)

Well I finally got around to linking the last of my game reviews from Oprainfall. Surprisingly, I did not care for this game. I actually had fairly high expectations for it given that I am a fan of ecchi titles like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Senran Kagura, but this one just didn’t grab me. Well to be fair, it DID grab me eventually… during the second to last area of the game. The character backstories were strongly emotional and engaging, it is just s shame that the game tells you next to NOTHING about these characters prior and leaves you little to get invested in. Most of my disappointment came from its premise though and how it was executed, as I do go over in the review.

Yeah, it turns out that censorship is the least of this game’s problems, although that is now fixed with the PC version. Hell they even went the extra mile and added nude patches, which has legitimately tempted me to give this game another go, but I have little money and an enormous backlog so there’s not much justification in me getting it. Also worth noting that this review was written at a time when I was going through horrible depression, and when I literally was staying up all night beating the game and forcing myself to write a review in order to meet a deadline. I hoped that having deadlines would motivate me to spend more time on games but it just royally screwed me over. As such, it is possible that this may have affected the tone of the game, especially since the original draft was much harsher and they needed me to change it slightly (IE I originally gave it a 5 instead of a 6, although I think that was a good decision on their part since my earlier reviews tended to be overly harsh and because it likely had more to do with me missing the deadline AND negatively reviewing it than just the latter, given that Nis Games have been rated negatively on the site before).

Well anyway, here is the review.

Also, is the second game any good? I have heard that the story was better, but exactly how much so are we talking?

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