Standard Review: The Counting Kingdom (Steam/Ios)

Yes I’ve been putting a lot of re-posts here lately. This is another one from Oprainfall, and was the first game I received a review code for that I reviewed. Unfortunately, I received a code for Depths of Fear: Knossos but was unable to run it on my computer. If I ever get a better computer, I will at least put out a review here as I feel I owe them that since they gave me the code.

Additionally, I did later get a interview with the creator, and she brought up the point that the length may not be accurate since kids would find the game harder and take longer. If it’s any consolation, it does mean I found the game fun enough that it didn’t even occur to me that I wasn’t the target audience. A 3/5 may have been a bit harsh in that case and it probably should have been a 3 1/2. I do feel like I may have been a bit too critical towards some games back then. Anyway here is a link to the interview as well.  Note that the author is listed as Josh Spear, but I was the one who came up with the questions.

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